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VNV Nation

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VNV Nation
VNV Nation at M'era Luna 2016

VNV Nation
VNV Nation at M'era Luna 2016

Anglia / England

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electronic, futurepop, industrial


Band members:

Ronan Harris - electronics, lyrics, vocals
Mark Jackson - drums


1990-93 : VNV Nation is formed after Ronan Harris moves to London from his native Dublin, Ireland. Originally it comprised a collage of orchestral, electronic dance and soundtrack inspired pieces. This results in two limited edition self-produced vinyl releases - "Body Pulse" (May 90) and "Strength of Youth", " (Nov 90). Ronan moves to Toronto in late 1990 where he continues working on the project.

1994 -95 : In late 1994 Ronan returns to Europe to complete new and reworked material. Exclusive tracks are released on samplers and in July 1995 VNV Nation sign with German label Discordia and release the first full length CD "ADVANCE & FOLLOW". Around the same time Mark Jackson joins the band as live drummer.

1998 : In January 98 VNV NATION sign with German label Off-Beat and release the full-length album "Praise the Fallen" (02.06.98) and the "Solitary EP" (14.09.98). VNV Nation do their first headline tour of Germany in September 98.

1999 - 00 : VNV Nation sign with Dependent Records. In late 99 the album "Empires" is released and stays at No.1 in the DAC (German Alternative Charts) for 7 weeks winning DAC album of the year '99. The album has 2 singles- "Darkangel", which tops the DAC for 5 weeks in mid 99 and "Standing", which stays at no.1 in the DAC for 8 weeks in early 2000 (the maximum a single can remain in the DAC) winning a German Alternative Music Award for most successful single of 2000 and sharing the place for most successful single in the DAC's history with the Chemical Brothers. A limited edition of the Standing single was also released entitled "Standing / Burning Empires" which contained alternate versions and remixes by VNV Nation of tracks from "Empires". This remains one of the most sought after VNV rarities.

2001 - 02 : In March of 2001 the first ever VNV Nation album was remastered and released as "Advance and Follow v2". In September of the same year the single "Genesis" was released. It spent 4 weeks in the German Media Control Charts reaching no.67 as well as reaching No.1 in the DAC. In October 2001 VNV Nation embark on the highly successful "Futureperfect" tour of Europe and North America. The 4th full length CD "Futureperfect" was released in January 2002 and reached no.25 in the German Album Charts. This was followed by a second single "Beloved" which again reached the high 60's in the German Singles Chart. Following the release of "Beloved" VNV Nation leave Dependent. In April 2002 VNV Nation go on a second tour of the US. Despite being 4-5 months after the previous tour of North America it is an even bigger success.

2003 : VNV Nation form their own label "Anachron Sounds" to exclusively handle all future releases by VNV Nation. The first release is the Honour 2003 EP in June 2003.

2004 : The Pastperfect double DVD is released and reaches #3 in the German Music DVD charts. VNV Nation start work on the 5th album "Matter and Form".

2005 : After not having played there for 3 years, VNV Nation plays 8 major US cities with Front 242 sideproject Coder 23 to start the year. All shows are sold out except Detroit which is hit by a major snowstorm on the day of the show. "Matter and Form" is released in April. It reaches #7 on the US Billboard Electronic Chart, #32 on the US Billboard Independent Chart, #1 on the German Alternative Album Chart and #38 on the German Media Control Album Charts. The band tours Europe and North America on the main section of their "Formation Tour". The tour lasts 3 months, covers 60 shows and is a complete success.

2007 : The band is set to release, their next album Judgement, a release that promises to be, their most powerful and unique album ever. Having already broken the boundaries, between electronic, industrial and other alternative music styles on Matter and Form, VNV Nation take this to new heights on their new album. The album draws on a variety of contemporary styles and influences resulting in a sound that is a collision of energy, emotion, insight, past and future, while still expressing those unique qualities that make VNV Nation’s music unique.