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Ginger Snap5

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Ginger Snap5
Roman Soroka & Vitaly Samoylik

Ginger Snap5
Ginger Snap5

Ukraina / Odessa

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, futurepop, industrial


Band members:

Roman Soroka -  programming/vocals
Vitaly Samoylik - programming/ live-act keys


Ginger Snap5 project was created in summer 2004 by Romeo Soroka. Originally, it was supposed to be a one-man project playing in alternative/industrial-rock style. But eventually, the style began changing into a more electronic music, typical for dancefloor. It that way up to the end of 2005, after having lots of transformations, the band elaborated an easily-recognized sound of its own. One thing stayed invariable. The main audience was the dancefloor.

The Project had one particular feature: it was a MySpace Project. Up to the 2006, the band gained popularity with the huge audience of the resource. Roman began to receive dancefloor rotation offers from European and American clubs and in the end of 2007 one of Ginger Snap5 tracks was included into "Noise Terror Volume 2: World Wide Electronics" compilation.

The beginning of 2008 brought quite a lot of undertakings that may yield pretty good results. Ginger Snap5 music style is still changing, but stays recognizable. The band is being actively rotated on world dancefloors, published in thematic compilations, and also creates remixes for local and foreign bands. Besides, there's a new band-member in Ginger Snap5.