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Ruined Conflict

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Ruined Conflict
Ruined Conflict

Ruined Conflict
Ruined Conflict


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
alternative, electronic, futurepop, industrial


Band members:

Xavier Morales - Vocals and Composer
Eric Holzer - Live Programming


Ruined Conflict are Xavier Morales and Eric Holzer. The band was formed in 2011 in USA. At the beginning they were self-releasing their material. In 2014 they signed the record deal with Infacted Recordings label and released "Revolutionary Mayhem" album.
MCD "Labeled Enemy" changes the band's style: "As we move on to the making of the new album we want to give a taste of the transition in style and push myself as a Composer and Vocalist. We want to keep the melodic side of us but make everything much more aggresive, the same goes for vocals. I think as a band we are starting to find our selves and have learned more about who we are and stand for and has made us better musicians." is how Xavier Morales describes his new release.
This release features four awesome track remixes based on the main track "Labeled Enemy" and every remixer did what they would do to give it there own style and make it there own.

Ruined Conflict once more proof that they deliver way more then simple future pop. The new album "A Voice For The Voiceless" is a massive blend of Synth-Pop to Electro-Rock with the outstanding vocal performance of singer and frontman Xavier Morales. 13 new masterpieces banned on one strong new album release! Diversity and change is the theme of the songs on "A Voice For The Voiceless". Their music is aggressive and melodic at the same time! New musical influences right in time to make Ruined Conflict even more fresh then before. The band's third album to date is a foretaste before their arrival to Europe for the first time at Wave Gotik Treffen 2016.