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Logo [X]-Rx

[X]-Rx band

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial, Rave, tbm


Band members:

Pascal Beniesch - Music/Vocals,
Jan T. - Backig Vocals/ live support,
Feli - Live Drums.


[X]-Rx has been founded in 2006 by Pascal 'CyRex' Beniesch.
The debut album «Unmöglich erregend» contained clubhits like «Feel The Fuckin' Bass» or «Die Sexualkiste Der Hölle» that caused the Industrial-Rave-Revolution.

The second album «Stage 2» came in 2009 - packed with clubtracks like «Tanz Schlampe» or «Stage 2» that kept the audience partying.

2010 the third longplayer is about to be released, titled «Update 3.0»
Thirteen new dancefloor smasher will make your speakers burn and tear down your favourite club. «Push It» contains vocals by [X]-Rx for the very first time and will make you join in the chant.
Following tradition and habit, the preacher is in on it, too. And last but not least, first time ever, remixes of [X]-Rx songs have been created by artists like Soman, SAM, Phosgore or Chainreactor.