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Markko B. & Jorge M.

Meksyk / Mexico

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

Markko Barrientos voice, lyrics, samples, sequences
Jorge Mauricio synths, music, sequences
Jamie Nova live synths,keytar


C-Lekktor is a Mexican aggrotech project. [1990] Under the alias of C-Lekktor, Marco makes his first appearances in quality of disc jockey in events that gather to the pioneer bands of the electro scene in Mexico, Oxido Conkreto, Hocico, Portent, Ogo, Cenobita, Deus ex Machina. That was the golden era of the electro (1990-1997). Besides his appearances like DJ, Marco was also involved in other projects, like the radio-phonic ones in the show 'Oído Electrónico' [2000] After the step of the years, maturity by means, and the contacts that left acquiring, the musical restlessness showed in a more creative and more personal project. C-Lekktor settles down formally as band with Rene Martínez's (Libre Experimento) integration initially as vocalist although finally he decides to participate only in the musical creation, leaving this way Marco in the vowels. [2003] C-Lekktor makes its live official presentation on September 27 of 2003, at the 'Delirium Club' inside the First Collective Sampler 'Electro for the Masses' alternating with the projects 'Goliat' and 'Neuromantik'. This same year 'J. Förtran' is integrated to the live alignment of C-Lekktor participating in the electronic percussion and later developing the visual work for the band. [2004] It leaves to the light the first demo-cd of C-Lekktor, called 'Re-a-Gression'. This first material has the intention of recapturing elements of the classic electro/EBM in a new context and adapted in the spectrum of the current scene. Starting of ' Re-a-Gression ' come off a series of successful presentations in the Mexican Republic and Mexico City, saying goodbye to the 2004 as opener live act of Decoded Feedback in their first concert in our country. [2005] 2005 supposes a year of transition for the band. The whole year passes between the numerous performances with the composition and of new songs. Cause of the increasing demand by the music of C-Lekktor there is edited the maxi-cd 'Words of Evil' and the theme 'No Time (null version) ' for the Electro Map-Latam Compilation of the Argentine label Null Republik. At the end of year sadly, but in good terms and due to the new priorities and obligations in his life René decides to leave the group. [2006] At the beginning of 2006 two presentations take place for the first time out of Mexico in the cities of Huancayo and Lima in Peru. In this year C-Lekktor overcomes his number of live presentations in contrast with 2005, emphasizing the concerts as opener band of Hocico and Grendel. The fourth edition of the famous compilation Extreme Sündenfall includes an exclusive version of 'No Time'. C-Lekktor shares credits on this cd with artists like Implant, Anne Clarke, Panzer AG, Monolith, Soman and Feindflug between others. In equal form two remixes are delivered for the albums of Disfuncion Organica and Deadjump. Towards end of year C-Lekktor prepares two new cds to present itself in 2007: Rythmus Mortis and Cloned and Mutated.
[2007] To start off the New Year we returned to Peru and played live for the first time in Chile. We played two shows, once in the capital Santiago at the prestigious Disco Blondie with the repertoire of such bands as Nitzer Ebbm, VNV Nation, and Das Ich amongst others. The following show was carried out at “Club Secta” where we introduced a new demo called “Cloned and Mutated”; later resulting in a remix by C-lekktor including special guests adding additional exclusive tracks. On our return trip to Mexico we shared the stage with the band Retractor. We also participated in the organized event prepared by FKR2 for the release of our colleague Ainox. Who was unjustly detained by the authorities during the visit of the American president George W Bush. A few months after our return, we played amongst the legendary band Red Flag during the very first “Necropolis Fest” in Baja California. A side from the local music scene, we also involved painting, sculpting, literature, and performing arts. Behind the success of the first presentation of “Elektrocinetik II” (By Racso Agroyam and Dada-X) Part “B” was flastly pursued by Dada-X. It was around that time the band was invited by Disfuncion Organica for its new CD release in and around the Republic of Mexico. A few months before years end, J.Fortran departed from the group for personal motives. However, by years end Markko was the invited DJ in the “Military Fashion Show” organized by “bio-dezibel”.
 [2008] This year we are taking precedence, returning strong, taking back our earlier presence by extending our contact with the public through our website And with the new integration of band member “Alekkx”, who will take part in composing, programming, vocals, and of course the webmaster we leave no room to waste his great professional and personal skills (our hack intruder). Without doubt, we know he will bring new fresh ideas we welcome you alekkx.