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ebm, electronic, futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Stefan Poiss - music
Markus Hadwiger - texts


Spring 1982. The American computer company Commodore releases the first really potent home computer, which impressed the growing computer community with technical specifications like 64 Kilobytes Ram or an 8 bit processor with separate graphic and sound chip units: The Commodore 64. This device opened a whole new world for home computer users, it became the world's most popular and successful home computer in the 80ties and still holds that title today. The reason was not only a separate cutting edge graphic accelerator that enabled high resolution gaming and fluent scrolling, but also the unique SID sound chip which was equipped with modern sound effect generators and the capability of a three track polyphonic playback. The result was a new synthetic sound aesthetic which also made the C64 one of the first stand-alone synthetic music production devices.

This unique sound kept ringing in the memory of Austrian Stefan Poiss, founder and singer of Mind.In.A.Box. . He was intrigued by the catchiness and the different sound-design of early computer game classics like "Lightforce" or "Last Ninja 3". By the age of 12 he started his first Stepps to compose music on its own on the C64, and even wrote his own sequencer music software for the Commodore to put tracks together himself with more ease.

Fast forward to 2009: Mind.In.A.Box just finished their successful album trilogy "Lost Alone", in which they redefined electronic music sound design themselves. Their version of Techno Pop gains them sublicenses and successful releases in North America as well as in Russia and built them a respectable fan base on their own.

Due to the media's overwhelming feedback of the shortly upcoming album "R.E.T.R.O", Dependent and have also decided to release the heavily praised title "8 Bits" as a single.

Long awaited (over 2 years) the new release and next IV-part of S-F story about Black, Night, The Friend nad Agency, that is V-th album „Revelations”, saw daylight in January 2012 and quickly climbed up on 1-st place of DAC's (Deutsche Alternative Charts) maintaining this position over 5 weeks! Album has been released under Dreamweb Music Label ( ) sign, which was set up by band members themselves.

Chasing the succes, in March 2012, „Revelations” has been released in remixed version - „Revelations club.mixes”. Jumped as cheerfullyinto the first 10 of DAC's.

Stefan Poiss didn't rest on one's laurels and probably after the Mind.In.A.Box success he appeared with his solo side-project THYX – releasing (Dremweb Music) beautiful electronic and very personal album „The Way Home”.

Curiosity is that the band went live quite late, what only sharpened fan's appetites. First time they appeared on stage in 2009 (Arvika Festival, SE, 2009). They supported Frontline Assmebly during their European tour in 2010 (Improvised Electronic Device Tour). Presented on the biggest alternative music festivals like E-tropolis (DE, 2010), Kinetik Festival (CA, 2011), Wave Gothic Treffen (DE, 2011), Resitanz Festival (UK, 2012), Amphi Festival (DE, 2012).