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Health - Rat Wars


Health - Rat Wars

2023-12-08 / khocico / Reads: 261

At that moment after work, when I finally have time to disconnect from my duties, and luckily, I don't have to do anything anymore, I put on my headphones and drift off. It's time for the new Health album, 'Rat Wars,' which was released on December 7, 2023, by Loma...



Mildreda- "Blue-Devilled"

2023-12-01 / khocico / Reads: 379

"Hell is other people." This quote from Sartre could serve as the leitmotif for Mildreda's recently released album. Jan Wolf consistently treads the path of ambitious dark electro, and in this latest album, he attains a new level, presenting an original blend of dark sounds and various shades. With many...

Bedless Bones - Mire of Mercury


Bedless Bones - Mire of Mercury

2023-11-04 / khocico / Reads: 1100

The long-awaited latest album by Kadri Sammel's project is finally here. With "Mire of Mercury," Bedless Bones ascends to new heights of artistic craftsmanship. This music has consistently been unconventional, hypnotic, and profound, and the latest album only reaffirms Kadri's incredible talent and artistic sensibility. The album opens with...

Mildreda - Prophecies


Mildreda - Prophecies

2023-10-24 / khocico / Reads: 903

The long-awaited EP, "Prophesies," being a harbinger of the upcoming album "Blue Devilled" (out on 1st December 2023 by Dependent Records) is out today!  It offers a combination of very high-powered, unconstrained melodic passages, enriched with samples, choirs, and Jan's emotionally charged vocals. This mixture bursts with intense emotions that...

Cold Beats vol. 1


Cold Beats vol. 1

2023-05-19 / redheadelven / Reads: 1227

By putting on my headphones and isolating myself from the world, I started listening to a compilation from the Cold Beats label. Autumn is outside, the temperature keeps dropping, pervasive nostalgia — a climate conducive to cold sounds, which abound on this record. The aforementioned label has taken the initiative...

Feather Trade  - Dead Boy


Feather Trade - Dead Boy

2022-12-06 / khocico / Reads: 2091

It seems that the trend for a post-punk band is going stronger and now we are witnessing a real abundance of new projects in the genre. In a way, this is a very positive direction, because this music has amazing musical and intellectual potential, which still creates opportunities to build...

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