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Cold Beats vol. 1


Cold Beats vol. 1

2023-05-19 / redheadelven / Reads: 1591

By putting on my headphones and isolating myself from the world, I started listening to a compilation from the Cold Beats label. Autumn is outside, the temperature keeps dropping, pervasive nostalgia — a climate conducive to cold sounds, which abound on this record. The aforementioned label has taken the initiative...

2ND Face


2ND Face "utOpium".

2023-05-12 / khocico / Reads: 249

Happy release day to 2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ ‘utOpium’! If anyone ever managed to combine catchy, danceable sparkles with intellectual blitz and genuine sonic catharsis in a fresh, individual, and authentic way then definitely it was Vincent Uhlig on his most recent album. Dark, original, versatile, and complex, ‘utOpium’ features hard-hitting, punching...

Feather Trade  - Dead Boy


Feather Trade - Dead Boy

2022-12-06 / khocico / Reads: 2463

It seems that the trend for a post-punk band is going stronger and now we are witnessing a real abundance of new projects in the genre. In a way, this is a very positive direction, because this music has amazing musical and intellectual potential, which still creates opportunities to build...

Golden Apes - From The Sky EP


Golden Apes - From The Sky EP

2022-07-15 / khocico / Reads: 2693

On July 29th, the EP from Berlin-based dark rock enchanters Golden Apes will be released. The EP consists of four new tracks and two remixes - including a track previously released as part of Peer Lebrecht's side project - VOYNA ("Satori"), and a remix of the title track prepared by...

Hocico - Lost World EP


Hocico - Lost World EP

2021-12-07 / DamienG / Reads: 3362

On the verge of celebrating thirty years of unwavering commitment to their chosen brand of industrial electronics, Hocico might be one of the few premiere aggrotech bands, still true to that formula and still capable of capitalizing on its well trodden trademarks. But their music now is not exactly the...

Golden Apes - Satori


Golden Apes - Satori

2021-07-16 / khocico / Reads: 3773

Satori in Zen Buddhism means awakening, enlightenment. The point when everything becomes clear gets into the right place in the puzzle and reaches completeness. The moment Golden Apes released such a single is significant, indeed. Even though it may not be directly related to the pandemic in the lyrics...

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