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Marc Ziegler


Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic, synthpop


Band members:

Marc Ziegler - Composing, Programming, Vocal, Lirics, Conception
+ Live:
Synthlabor Micha
- Keyboard
René-Eric Van Undercut - Keyboard


Seelennacht is different – Seelennacht is more profound
Seelennacht takes you on a visionary journey
Seelennacht was founded in 2008 by Marc Ziegler as vocalist, text writer, composer and producer. Catchy melodies, profound lyrics, danceable rhythms and an artistical aspiration in an electronic style, define Seelennacht and establish a new genre which we like to indicate as Romantic Futurepop.
This mélange is refined by the bass vocals of the frontman and songwriter Marc Ziegler which are enhanced by husky and rocky nuances. The electronic-melancholic sound, oftentimes epic-harmonic, sometimes brute, sometimes more minimal, sometimes warm, sometimes cold, leads you into the depths of your soul. Fundamentally influenced by visionary authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, we are in conformity with our outline of steampunk.
Visions, departure, recommencement, melancholy, romance and the dealing with social-criticism themes determine the lyrics of Seelennacht.
Seelennacht combines all these elements with the spirit of the industrial revolution and the German romanticism. Electronic music with thoughtfulness, style and sovereignty.