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Pride and Fall

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Pride and Fall
Pride and Fall

Pride and Fall
Pride and Fall

Norwegia / Norway

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, futurepop


Band members:

Sigve Monsen - vocals
Per Waagen - synths & programming
Svein Joar Auglaend Johnsen - guitar


Pride and Fall started up in late 2000 when Sigve Monsen and Svein Joar A. Johnsen had an idea of adding a more electronic and club friendly sound to the goth/darkwave elements in their musical project. The duo had just produced a demo and done a few gigs in Norway, but they felt it was on time to do something even more experimental and interesting.

Per Waagen knew both Sigve and Svein from earlier musical projects and as friends back in school, and joined on synths and programming. Now, convinced of that the three musicians would advance to a new level of composing plus a strong belief in creating something useful and inovative together, they started up producing songs for their first demo, besides doing some shows around various clubs in Norway. Using elements from musical styles and other artists the band could relate to, they succeeded in creating a strong demo that were shipped out to DJs in and outside Scandinavia. Some of these first songs from Pride and Fall have become more and more popular in the ebm/future pop/goth scene, for example Construct and Extinction Means Forever. A lot of fan mails and high visitrate on the bands first website indicated that Pride and Fall had succeeded in doing something useful. When the band felt ready with enough material for a possible debut release, they started the search for a label that would release the music. This process took much time and effort, but the hard work finally payed off when being contacted by the well known and respected labels Dependent Records from Europe and Metropolis Records from USA. Dependent Records, with releases from huge acts like Suicide Commando, Velvet Acid Christ, VNV Nation and Covenant, has established themselves as "the premier purveyors of Futurepop". Early September 2003 the band entered a cooperation with Memento Materia for the Scandinavian territory. On 20 February 2004 Pride and Fall did their first live performance outside Norway, as part of the Cyberia/X-Club Party at EKKO in Utrech/Holland. Next up was the Invitiation Festival held in Gent/Belgium 16 march 2004 together with acts like Coventant, Clan of Xymox, SITD, Icon Of Coil, De/Vision and more. This show was probably the most successful for the band ever. In 2004 Pride and Fall joined the Dark City Festival in Edinburgh together with bands like VNV Nation, The Mission, XPQ21 and more.

In June 2004, the band went back to their studio working on their second album. The production process was some delayed during 2005, because of a busy times in the musicians private lives. However, now the final product is here. The full-length album called "Elements of Silence", street date 24 January 2006, together with the single "Border", released on 24 December 2005.

The music has naturally developed from Nephesh, but with a harsher overall sound still keeping the melodic, powerful and often melancholic elements. The music from Pride and Fall can be described as a combination of hard Futurepop, EBM and electrogoth.