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Chris Pohl

Blutengel on M'era Luna 2011

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, ebm, Gothic, industrial


Band members:

Chris Pohl
Ulrike Goldmann


Few groups can match Blutengel's prowess in expertly pulling the strings on an entire gamut of feelings, creating a gripping yet catchy monument for the dark side that resides deeply in each and everyone of us, while transitioning seamlessly into a dance floor compatible fireworks display of electronic beats.

From the pompous, orchestral intro's that segues into the monumental hit singles, via pumping gothic-electro-sounds, nostalgic sounds or anthemic, dark and addictive songs, Chris Pohl and Ulrike Goldmann display a greater versatility that generates an irresistible pull from a masterful combination of opposing forces, such as the eternal conflict between heaven and hell, erotism and emotion, or atmosphere and club-feeling.

Blutengel-mastermind Chris Pohl, when faced with the proposition of releasing a compilation of his greatest hits, started asking himself the question: "what would our classic tunes have sounded like if we had had today's technology and know-how at our hands, back then?" And as a the standard "best of"-fare always has the bitter taste of a cheap cash in, the idea for "Nemesis" was born and Blutengel started re-recording a selection of their favorite hits from their early days from scratch. The result is nothing short of impressive, as classics like the seminal "Black Roses", "Vampire Romance" or "Engelsblut" are not only reinvigorated, but gain a completely new and mesmerizing identity of their own. The new versions experience make revisiting the favorite Blutengel blasts from the past an adventurous and enthralling experience.

With "Nemesis - The Best Of & Reworked", Blutengel are not only releasing their first official Greatest-Hits-Album, but also a rather special kind of history lesson, presenting classic songs, hits and favorites from the past in the sound of today.