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Frozen Plasma

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Frozen Plasma
Frozen Plasma at M'era Luna 2015

Frozen Plasma
Frozen Plasma at M'era Luna 2015

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Felix Marc
Vasi Vallis


Frozen Plasma was founded in 2005 by NamNamBulu mastermind and songwriter, Vasi Vallis, and Diorama keyboardist and backing vocalist, Felix Marc, while they were on VNV Nation's "Matter & Form" Tour.

Their first single "Hypocrite" and debut album "Artificial" were extremely successful not only in Europe, but North America as well. With their 2006 EP "Emphasize", their club anthem "Warmongers" became one of the most often played songs in venues around the world. Their growing success was further augmented through their live shows due to Felix’s energetic live performances.

During 2007/2008 Vasi and Felix took a short hiatus. Vasi focused on his band, Reaper and released "Hell Start With An H", while Felix released his solo debut "Pathways". Both of which got very good responses from within the electonic music scene. After a European tour with Combichrist, Vasi began focusing on the songwriting for Frozen Plasma again.

For 2009, Frozen Plasma returned with their second album, "Monumentum". A groundbreaking, emotional and empathetic masterpiece, the album merged Vasi’s songwriting and his poetic lyrics with Felix’s touching and powerful voice to create an absorbing atmosphere. The first single from "Monumentum", "Tanz die Revolution" became another huge success for the band with the European limited edition single being sold out within days of its release. "Monumentum" was perhaps one of the strongest sophomore releases by any band and is sure to be monumental.