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A Spell Inside - Essential (Limited CD)
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A Spell Inside - Return To Grey
Return To Grey
Add date: 1995-03-29
Label: Discordia

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A Spell Inside - Essential (Limited CD)

A Spell Inside

Add date: 2008-09-12

Label: Scanner

01. Out Of Control (taken From "hit")
02. Oneway ("hit")
03. Crags ("hit")
04. Brothers (taken From "brothers")
05. Sinnbild '97 ("brothers")
06. Signs Of Greed ("brothers")
07. Boundary (taken From "visions From The Inside")
08. Days Of The Grace (taken From "visions From The Inside")
09. Träume (taken From "stories From The Inside")
10. Naked (taken From "vitalizer")
11. Resist (taken "vitalizer")
12. Oxygen 2.1*
13. Believe (believer Mix)*
14. Keener**
15. I Will**
*previously Unreleased
**exclusive Version Of Track From Forthcoming Album 'loginside'

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