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IAMX - Metanoia Tour

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On the 5th March 2016 at Eskulap in Poznań took place concert of the IAMX, as a part of promoting tour of the band’s newest release "Metanoia". Already at the very entrance you could see there were a lot of fans, standing at the beginning in a big queue do the club, then to the locker room, and in next one to the bar. Those well-organized right away shared responsibilities, not to waste unnecessarily time.
After entering the club, those who were in need to extend their collections, were able to buy t-shirts, badges and IAMX’s albums. You could came across numerous admirers everywhere.
As it comes to the performance itself, musicians managed to turn up atmosphere to the limit, because the show started with some delay, to accompaniment of crowd chanting again and again "IAMX!".
When the voltage began to reach its peak, and across the audience started to appear first signs of anxiety  (–What if they cancel?), on stage vigorously entered Janine Gezang and Sammi Doll, and just after them Jon Siren. Chris Corner joined instrumentalists accompanying him during "Metanoia Tour" right after the very notes of "I Come With Knives". At that moment all uncertainties were dispelled, and the unrest was displaced by enthusiastic shouts and applause.
Pope of all suffering from insomnia came to dismiss exorcisms upon numerous admirers of his dark sounds.
From that time Chris Corner reigned over listeners, leaving not even a minute for respite to his faithful fans. His voice reached high registers more than once, was extremely powerful and melodic. This is the voice that immediately draws attention.
During the concert you could get a taste of beautiful, disturbing visualizations that accompanied each of the songs which were performed, and aimed to underline their message. Lights were directed mainly at the audience, for the most part of the show musicians were covered by darkness. Attention was concentrated mainly on band’s admirers, flooded from time to time with the glow of strobe lights.
Each of the tracks on that night was awarded with a thunderous applause and fans sang various fragments of lyrics together with the singer.
The place was filled to the brim. Next to the stage people were closely together.
And above it all was dominating exceptional, piercing above the instruments, exuberant singer. During "North Star" on screens appeared music video made to this song by Chris Corner himself.
On studio albums you can admire possibilities of technical parameters of the recording studio itself. Mastering and sound’s clarity.
But only live concerts allow you fully to appreciate the power that it is carried away by IAMX’s music itself.
You can measure strength of the artistic impact among the others by the fact that in one place gathered admirers of such different movie genres as represent American Horror Story, House Of Cards, Esmeralda and Star Wars.
All fans of dark sounds could be satisfied. IAMX in its best shape.
The entire show was extremely well refined, precise, demonstrating fondness to details and perfection.
Outstanding performance. Containing both delicacy and power of communication. Sometimes even dirty, industrial sounds.
It is one of the greatest concerts I could admire in recent years. Chris Corner is a wicked man on the stage. He radiates with an unique strength, which drives the audience. A poignant performance, simply bursting with energy and highly charged with emotions. Recalling what is finest in the music.

I Come With Knives
The Alternative
No Maker Made Me
Tear Garden
Oh Cruel Darkness Embrace Me
Spit It Out
North Star
Your Joy Is My Low

Kiss and Swallow
I Am Terrified
Bring Me Back a Dog
Translator: hellium
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