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Johan Baeckström - Utopia
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Johan Baeckström, previously most well known as part of the electronic pop duo Daily Planet, made a highly acclaimed debut as a solo artist three years ago (2015), with the album "Like Before". Critics and fans praised the song material as well as the fact that Baeckström not only is a great synthesist and producer, but apparently also a vocalist to be reckoned with.

Finally we are glad to announce "Utopia", Johan Baeckström's brand new second solo album. The title track from the album was released in April and gave a good hint about what to expect from the album – Baeckström's characteristic electronic sound, weaved around strong melodies in a perfect mix of fast, slow and mid-tempo songs. The perfect electronic pop album.
Released as a limited edition CD, 500 copies worldwide, hand-numbered.
Available from 15 June 2018 by Progress Productions.

01. Utopia
02. Homeless
03. The World Through Your Eyes
04. Better Stories
05. I Can Read Your Mind
06. Cassini
07. Ask Them Why
08. Blood Red Moon
09. Into the 80's
10. Silence
11. Blinded
Author: hellium
Source: Progress Productions / 2018-06-13 / News

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