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Rammstein - Rosenrot

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No one probably expected of Rammstein to release another LP so quickly. The reason for this though is really simple. Already during the "Reise Reise" period, the tracks for a new record were ready, so it was logical for the band to work on them to put out a second LP, rather than make "Reise Reise" a double one. The title track means more or less "Rosie" - a character created by the Grimm brothers for the sake of their "Rosie, bear and midget" fairytale. The band however denies any links between the title and the character.
The cover of the album is not a surprise, as well. The same icebreaker "USS Arka" was used on the Japanese edition of "Reise Reise", being at the time one of the alternatives for the official cover of the LP. To make the artistic and inspirational mix complete we should notice that the inlay pictures on "Rosenrot" come from "A Clockwork Orange".
The single preceding the LP, "Benzin", was not a good sign for the new record, but fortunately I was suprised by its remaining contents.
Rammstein has not failed its fans after all the years, showing their musical talent and proving that they don't get older at all. And even though the album is on a similar level to "Reise Reise", the level is obviously quite high. The worst track, "Benzin", is the opener, turning quickly into the provocative "Mann gegen mann", focused on the homosexual controversy. "Taboo" issues are nothing new for Rammstein, so it should not be a surprise to a dedicated fan. The next track is the title one - definitely quieter, with a strong line of low riffs and a catchy chorus. The first three songs are the singles, fully showcasing the potential of the album.

On "Rosenrot" every rock-groove lover will find something to vote for. The record has some masterpieces, worth taking a closer look at. One of them is "Stirb nicht vor mir/Don't Die Before I Do" performed with Sharleen Spiteri - the vocalist of Texas. Initially, the track was to be recorded with a German vocalist, later - a French one, but eventually we got Sharleen, making the track a bit like the one made famous by Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave, even though it's in two different languages. Definitely one of the tracks on the album that attracted my attention. The other unique track is a Spanish (in its Mexican variant) song with a vulgar title and an equally vulgar message: "Te Quiero Puta", in which the female vocals belong to Carmen Zapata, a well known actress who played in "A Streetcar Named Desire". The final track of the album is "Ein Lied" - "a song", one of the slowest songs on the LP - which made me think of the "Mutter" album.
It's really hard to judge the new Rammstein LP. There is not much novelty on it, and the band is not afraid to admit that. Conversely, it's not totally repetitive. "Reise Reise" was full of explosive and powerful tracks - "Rosenrot" is a combination of energy and calm, a reminescence of the group's earlier efforts. It might be true that we received "Rosenrot" as a substitute for another "The Best Of" compilation. I recommend it to all the lovers and haters of Rammstein. A final word to the latter - get to know your enemy, for he gets more and more intricate.
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Add date: 2005-12-07 / Music reviews

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