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Synchropath + monoLight + Co.In. + Desdemona

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Four Polish alternative music scene bands have started their Autumn tour in the Liverpool club in Wroclaw on the 1st of October 2010. Desdemona, Co.In,, Monolight and Synchropath have planned 5 performances together next month in five cities (Wroclaw 01.10, Poznan 02.10, Lublin 16.10, Lodz 22.10, Skarzysko Kamienna 23.10)
Since the evenings at the beginning of October in Poland are relatively cold, those who have made it to the Liverpool club at 7pm (according to the instructions on the poster) had to arm themselves with worm gloves and a lot of patience.
Slight delay in the club’s opening was nonetheless just an insignificant shortcoming and the waiting ones have been rewarded. The structural side of the performance was flawless. Liverpool turned out to be well sized as for this type of show. The rotation of bands on the stage has been exceptionally efficient and the whole seemed like a well-timed and structured program. The four bands, different from one another, different in the interesting things they had to offer.

Around 9 pm, as the first band, the Synchropath has made an appearance and warmed up the audience. The formation has presented a piece of good, industrial performance based on energetic beat, topped with guitar and rough, diverse vocals. During few tracks, Qbz’ was supported by Gab. The introduction of the female vocals added an interesting kick to the way Synchropath sounds. Although it seems like the idea needs working on, the combination of two ranges seems very promising. The band has played seven compositions. Three of them could be heard on the last year’s ’Distance Hurts the Numb Ones’. The first performance has not made the crowds go wild. It might have been caused by the lack of charisma on the part of the formation members. Nonetheless, they were very pleasant for the ears. Big plus for the interesting rendition of ‘Divide/unite’.

1. Four thousand power plants
2. Nowhere goer
3. Divide / unite
4. All the drones are coming home
5. The hive
6. Until the jorney comes full circle
7. Imbalance

Second on the stage MonoLight formation is a young, yet well-known in Wroclaw, project of the Co.IN and Archangel musicians. The band has presented some of their own tracks and a Joy Division cover (‘Dead souls’). Almost all of them could be heard on the recently recorded demo album ’How close am I?’ This time the musicians have not performed any of the d’Archangel songs which made me a little sorry. MonoLight’s music, in my opinion, is a very pleasant acoustic experience.
Buoyant, catchy tunes completed with deft electronica well balanced with the aggressive guitar and deep (especially in the lower range), hypnotic vocals. Reinforced with rhythmic drums, it all created a dynamic, pleasant mix.
Thanks to the better exposed live instruments, the concert versions of monoLight songs had a rock kick to them. Tracks such as ‘It don’t mean nothing’ or ‘In the neon lights’ sounded especially interesting. The show has been closed by the fierce new composition ‘Ribbons & Feathers’. One could definitely notice the familiarity with the stage brought out from the previous experience. The vocalist bonded with the audience with a distinctive coquetry - the crowd has quickly moved from the tables to the front of the stage. After this successful concert there’s nothing left to do apart from waiting for the album coming out later this year.

1. It Don't Mean Nothing
2. Jason
3. In The Neon Lights
4. How Close Am I
5. Dead Souls
6. Silent Ally
7. Ribbons And Feathers

If the monoLight has warmed up the audience, Co.In. made it boil. The change between monoLight and Co.In. was limited to the vocalist and two additional guitars including - lo and behold! - a bass in the hands of a woman. In terms of atmosphere, however, it was a rather drastic change. Among all the bands playing in Liverpool that night, Co.In. is definitely the most hard core one. Despite a few technical troubles at the beginning of the show (the backline has fallen during the second track) the performance was just marvellous. The band has played both the tracks from the newest ‘Clubbing & Scoring’ record and the older, well known to the Wroclaw audience numbers. Musically, the main weight was distributed between the wild guitar lines and dynamic drums. Introverted looking vocalist turned out to be a real stage animal. The rough playing has begun straight away. The ‘Toniemy’ (Eng. ‘We’re Drowning’) track has raised from the chairs all those who were still sitting. During the ‘To the Critic’ rendition, the real pogo has developed in front of the stage. The concert was top of the line for the whole duration. The speakers have been exploding with the huge doze of rousing sound and positive energy which spread to the audience, especially the younger part of it.

1. Toniemy
2. Beggar's Hands
3. 2452yj3
4. Kawałek o Łamaniu Rąk
5. To The Critic
6. Papierosy
7. Particle Collider
8. Aleks

The time has come for the star of the evening. As befits the main feature of the program, Desdemona has begun its show on a high note. It was dark, energetic, intensive. ’Bring it All’ and ’The Sinner’ rocked. The combination of the deep rhythmic bass with psychedelic electronic sound created an exceptionally intriguing aesthetic mix. Agnieszka Lesna, the present vocalist, is an incredibly colourful figure, gifted with the powerful voice with a very original tone. During the performance, she has demonstrated her abilities to the crowds creating an mysterious, disturbing atmosphere native of an eerie asylum. The effect was interesting but sometimes too hard to stomach, especially in certain frequencies.
The most distinctive track on the ‘version 3.0’ album is ‘Sleepwalkers’, although it did not match the general ambience. It sounded equally interesting in the concert version. Apart from their own songs, Desdemona played also the Depeche Mode cover ‘Rush’. Many of the songs presented during the concert in Wroclaw are freshly written. For this reason, the list below includes the draft titles.

2. Bring It All
3. The Sinner
4. Magbient
5. InFlames
6. Desdream
7. Poison
8. Jealous Sky
9. Guilt
10. Rush
11. Lets Play Love
12. Euforia
13. Sleepwalkers
14. XXX

I agree with the idea to gather so many diverse bands on one stage. The concert has brought together fans from different musical backgrounds. Everyone could find something for their liking while at the same time broadening their horizons. Wroclaw public has received the event very positively. I think the coming concerts will be similarly successful.

Translator: Poison_Ivy
Add date: 2010-12-22 / Live reports

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