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Deine Lakaien

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Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien

Deine Lakaien
Deine Lakaien

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
darkwave, Gothic


Band members:

Alexander Veljanov
Ernst Horn


Alexander Veljanov and Ernst Horn formed the avant-garde electronic and atmospheric darkwave ensemble Deine Lakaien in 1985. Horn, an orchestra conductor, and Veljanov, a scholar of theater history, have released numerous collections of their signature experimental renderings of their myriad collective influences (opera, pop, punk, medivial, new wave, folk music) and achieved a well-earned spot in Europe's avant pop hierarchy.

Few bands have so polarised opinion over the last two and a half decades as this duo, singer Alexander Veljanov and keyboard player Ernst Horn: it's always been a straight case of love or hate. Yet only a few notes of the opener suffice to recognise that past judgements – good or bad – no longer hold true. Tired categorizations are a thing of the past for this band. Having laid aside their masks and stepped out from the shadow of their history, the two dedicated performers are centred more clearly than ever in their own selves – which is an open invitation to listeners from across the board to step into their world. The duo is basking in the knowledge that it has nothing more to prove, and taking the fast track to putting its message across: "Our work in recent years has strengthened our resolve and we no longer feel a need to explain ourselves. People either like and accept what we do, or they don't", declares Alexander Veljanov with composure.