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Siva Six

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Siva Six
Siva Six

Siva Six
Siva Six

Grecja / Greece

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Herr Khaos


Siva Six started in 1997 under the name Wintermute with the following members: Evi (keyboards), Z (Vocals) and Noid (keyboards).
In 1998, they contributed the cover version of “Pornography” to Equinox records compilation “A Tribute To The Cure”. They released 2 demo cds as Wintermute and along the way Evi leaves the band.

Noid and Z change the name to Siva Six and at the same time they both tour the world as keyboard players with one of the top Greek bands. Italian label Decadance Records finally sign the band, and in 2005, Siva Six release “Rise New Flesh”.
The album stays 4 months at IAC, bullet at DUC and 3 weeks at Metropolis chart sales. They get rave reviews from more than 20 countries, worldwide airplay and they play 19 live shows in Greece and outside of Greece too, 32 european live shows with mortiis and gothminister are cancelled plus the support slots with ministry and juno reactor In November of 2006, they release their 2nd fullength cd “Black Will”
The album reviews are once again excellent and the album manages to climb at number 1 at IAC , stays 10 weeks at GAC and 6 consecutive weeks at GEWC with the stand out track “Her Eyes Black”! At the end of 2006, Noid quits and he’s replaced by U-RI.
Plenty of Siva Six shows will happen during of 2007 in Greece and many European countries too. Siva six did their debut uk show @ dark city fest, debut japan live show @ osaka ,live shows in italy-greece-bulgaria-romania-norway during 2006-2008, after 20 shows with siva six live keybord player u-ri is replaced by Herr Khaos ,
Siva Six new release is the re-print of the cult sold out debut "Rise New Flesh" + 1 bonus cd featuring 15 remixes from bands such as Dark Soho-Soman-Noisuf-X-Blood-Aes Dana-Dope Stars Inc.-Mono No Aware plus many more.