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Dominik van Reich


Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Dominik van Reich


amGod is a dark-electro/industrial project from Munich / Germany with english and german lyrics. After the separation of the formation yelworC, mastermind Dominik van Reich presents his solo-project by the new conception name amGod, called into being at the first December in 1993.

The name has got its derivation from the word “doGma” and symbolizes the first commandment (of every religion) in the inverted sense. “dogma I” = “I am God”. Similarity to “I am God” are conscious choosen. It does not connect only with Dominik van Reich himself, but also with the egotism in sense of the monotheism, of every thinking individuum.

amGod is to narcisism (morbid or conceited falling in love with oneself) very simular in the meaning. The most conflicts (like war, cruelness ....) are the results of envy, dissatisfaction, depression, aggression, ... in our modern society. The thirst for money and luxus, and the striving of power are destroying our existence of human being. The name amGod symbolizes that kind of behaviour and egotism.

The present sound of amGod is shaped by harsh guitar riffs, electro-industrial sounds, The hard and dominant vocals of Dominik van Reich gives the music their dark and threatening character and sets the listener into a dark nightmarish atmosphere.