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Kunigunda Lunaria Festival 2007

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04-06 May 2007, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Many things were going on for these three exceptional days: many guests arrived (even from Japan) The atmosphere, diversity and original venues where the concerts were taking place were really ravishing . The festival Kunigunda Lunaria took place in the capital city of Lithuania, in Vilnius, for the sixth time. see, not everything that's interesting takes place in the Western Europe. From 4th to 6th May we gad a chance to see 16 artists and 15 Djs that varied in genre. The organizers chose the line-up perfectly and the main responsible for the event – Ugnius Lioge - probably got some new grey hairs after the gig (plus some new stomach ulcers) so busy he was to make everything work fine.

Every time the festival takes place in a different venue; this year the organizers chose the power station (over 100 years old) located in the centre of Vilnius – the place interesting in itself that perfectly matched the convention of the festival. Some thought it was snowing in May, but it was only the plaster was falling off the walls – after all what can you expect of an old building. The plans was that every of the thee days of the Fest was different as far as stylistics is concerned:

Friday was my day, cause it was the day of electronics and industrial. In spite of delays all the artists managed to play their concerts. I resigned of two first gigs, I got to the place to see the Latvian Strop- high class industrial, a kick of a stogie straight into your face, quite in style of Haus Arafna or Sektion B. Ataka - the project of McKaras - played a more dancy, electronic music that made the people move. Set with perfectly chosen visualizations, the music made a huge impression : I feel the band will be quite successful in the future for it moves in a good direction. Just after Forgotten Sunrise the long awaited headliner of the evening appeared. The person whose participation in the festival gave some people the shock of their lives. It's one of the biggest fish in ant-zen pond: Roger Rotor. The sound of his name itself made me move – when he appeared on the stage the people went mad while Rotor provided almost 2,5 hour of incredible fun.

The day two was devoted to widely understood gothic and it attracted the biggest audience. Already the second artist - Vic Anselmo- made the audience approach the scene. After the shows of Saprophystes and Polish Desdemona the number of people was growing. The Last Day Of Jesus, the band that played in Poland for numerous times and always met a good reception, got the same welcome in Vilnius. The Italian Spiritual Front – it wasn't the first time that I saw the band on the scene, but the way the audience reaction to their performance keeps surprising me. I hadn't realized that the band has so many fans in Vilnius who even forgave Simeon who kept the Lithuanian flag inside out :-) Spiritual Front is a wonderful project doing fine at the concerts and it proved to be great also this time.

During the whole event, just a few metres underground in a bunker, there was a party taking place. the cold walls of the concrete crypt got warmed up under influence of bodies dancing for the whole evening.

On the last day of the Festival we moved from the power station to the club New Style and it was the venue where the fest came to an end. There were four bands in the line-up of the day with Japanese Gothika as a headliner. The atmosphere in the club and outside was very lively as for many people it was the last chance to talk and have a drink together. I went there only to say goodbye to my friends. I only managed to see a fragment of Strangers In Avalon gig – the Lithuanian, well-known band that is stylistically similar to XIII Stoleti. The people apparently liked their performance (well, me quite the opposite ;-) ) - they sang the songs together with a vocalist and they throw a minced liver at him and he throw it back in turn. What a nice scene.

On leaving the festival I saw a grief on faces of the festival that the event is over. I regretted myself that I had to leave beautiful Vilnius Kunigunda Lunaria is the festival that is developing very fast. I'm happy I could participate in it and play there. I recommend you to go to Vilnius next year's long weekend.


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