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Fix8:Sed8 - " Dormicum" and "Humanophobia" - reissue

2024-04-15 (News)

Fix8:Sed8, a project by Martin Sane, is set to release remastered versions of his early albums: "Dormicum" (May 2009) and "Humanophobia" (May 2006). The release of "Humanophobia" is particularly noteworthy as it documents Martin’s 2003 trip to Cambodia. This album includes the song "Killing Field," which reflects on the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge in the late 1970s. During a four-month journey across Southeast Asia in 2003, Martin visited the Tuol Sleng museum and an interrogation center in Phnom Penh, experiences he describes as the most shocking he had ever encountered. Approximately 20,000 people were tortured and subsequently killed in a nearby killing field, a horror captured in the photos included in this album. The upcoming release also features an additional, previously unreleased song and a club remix. Pre-sales begin on April 18. For more details, contact the author directly.


​"Under a Timeless Spell" - A Dream Realized: Diary of Dreams Collaborates with Leipzig Philharmonic

2024-03-11 (News)

Adrian Hates, the visionary behind Diary of Dreams, has achieved a lifelong dream with the release of "Under a Timeless Spell." For over three decades, Diary of Dreams has captivated audiences with their distinctive sound. Now, after 35 years, the band presents nine classic tracks in an entirely new acoustic rendition, accompanied by the prestigious Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra.

To herald the album's release, two singles accompanied by elaborate, internationally produced video clips will precede the launch.

"Under a Timeless Spell" Tracklist:

She and Her Darkness
The Valley
Hiding Rivers
The Plague
Hell in Eden
The Colors of Grey
The Secret

Release Date: April 26th, 2024
Presale Begins: March 11th, 2024
Preorder Link:

For more information and updates, visit Diary of Dreams' official website and follow them on social media:

Instagram: @diaryofdreamsofficial
Twitter: @diaryofdreams

Decadent Fun Club - OKO

2024-03-05 (News)

The album "OKO" is dedicated to all those who are "on the way to themselves". 10 tracks, arranged in a non-random order, are a journey through the meanders of various, sometimes extreme feelings and emotions.

The symbol on the cover is a compass - "OKO", mentioned in the titular track. "The eye of the cyclone", or a calm place in the middle of a great storm. The essence of the lyrics of "OKO" is "a calm heart". Although cognitive specialists recognize the brain as the only center of human command, according to poets, the heart is responsible for feelings and emotions, as well as intuition. Following the poetic trail, let us acknowledge that the heart is such an internal compass, which serves for navigation - helping to determine the position and indicate the direction. For the compass to work properly, peace is needed.

We wish you beautiful journeys with the album "OKO" and peace in your heart, even when there is a storm around - so that it is always known where you are and where you are heading.


KMFDM releases title track ahead of new album ‘Let Go’, video out now

2024-01-19 (News)

KMFDM have a new single out via Metropolis Records, "Let Go". "Let Go" is also the title track of the new KMFDM 11-track album which will be out on February 2nd on CD and vinyl, plus download and streaming.

Kirlian Camera offers 2nd single from new album - Götter, geht weg!

2024-01-12 (News)

The Italian band Kirlian Camera releases the track "Götter, geht weg!" (translated from German as "Gods, go away!") as the second single from the forthcoming new double album "Radio Signals for the Dying". The release date of "Radio Signals for the Dying" has been slated to February 23, 2024.

Project Pitchfork completes trilogy and launches ‘Elysium’ in 2024

2024-01-09 (News)

For several years fans have been waiting for Project Pitchfork to release the 3rd installment in the series they promised back in 2018. Project Pitchfork put out "Akkretion" and "Fragment", the first two parts of a trilogy but since then 5 years went by with nothing new since.

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