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Interview with Hyoscyamus Niger

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1. Hyoscyamus Niger – the amount of time needed to remember the name - and its proper spelling - suggests that your music is not for everyone...

Tomasz: Not at all... It's for everyone whom it will move, to whom it will appeal. Besides when we were picking up the name we didn't think to make it catchy, we didn't think of the commercial success.
Gośka: If something is good for everything, it's good for nothing
Bartosz: It's the music for everyone

2. How was the band formed?

T: It's too long and complicated story...

3. Is it easy for the band to come out on the present day 'Polish scene'?

T: I don't know where the „scene” really is...
B: I haven't performed on Polish music "scene" yet, so I don't know if there are any problems
G:There may be as many music scenes as the cities or the bands...You may create a music scene yourself and gather people around. And I'm not going deep into the issue of the Polish "scene"
T: I suppose that plenty of problems connected with the organization of the concert a manager, who we don't have, would solve.

4. Henbane is a poisonous plant... is it a warning for the listeners?

G: What won't kill you will strengthen you. Poison dosed properly may save your life
T: Goska is right – most of the poisonous plants may heal at the same time

5. How would you describe your music?

T: Electronic psychodelia, but in fact, you're to decide

6. Your lyrics are not joyful. Where does this pessimism come from?

T: Not at all... I think they're very joyful
B: (laughs)

7. “setki słów /co od dawna niszczą dłonie/a w nich ogień zimny chociaż płonie” /f.t/ " hundreds of words/that's been destroying hands for long /and in them at least a cold fire burns"/.Do the words help in communication or rather lead to conflicts?

T: It depends on people and nomenclature

8. Could you tell a bit more about your releases?

T:I think the most interesting is the last one – „Sen”. It's the first that was recorded in „quasi studio" conditions. I believe the atmosphere we managed to create on this recording is an awful reflection of the fears and loneliness and changes we witness or to put it right of the changes that witness us.

9. What are the future plans of HN?

T: We want to record an album. and give some concerts

10. For the end one more question: which of the two you associate with: "Control your destiny or somebody else will" or "let the stream carry you"?

G: You cannot control your destiny cause it wouldn't be a destiny anymore and I'm not the fan of electroshock, so none of the options is close to me.
T: (laughs)

Thank you.

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