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Letzte Instanz + Lord of the Lost

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Among all of the concerts played during tournee usually two are significant - the first and the last one.
The first one is a kind of experimental field. Chance to check, which of the new tracks were liked by the audience, which should be rearranged and which should be moved out from the setlist for eternity. The last one should be, by contrast, perfect - everything works as at well oiled machine, repertoire is ripped, the musicians are in top form. Often, we can also expect really unusual suprises - and I admit that I was really waiting for them.

Letzte Instanz’s concert took place on the last Saturday of October and was supposed to be such a final accord.
That Saturday was also the first truly cold day during Autumn. It didn’t discourage the fans, that already an hour before the opening stormed yard of Berlin Kulturbrauerei. After entering the club we had another hour to warm up, and those for whom that hour weren’t enough for sure were helped by Chris Harms and his friends from Lord of the Lost. Rockers from Hamburg were in great shape that day and - as always - in great mood.

Setlist based on the tracks from the late album "Die Tomorrow" plus standards from earlier albums - "Dry the rain", "Break your heart" or "Sex on legs". Also earlier mentioned suprises started quickly - during "See you soon" instead of acoustic guitar Harms was given... inflated one. At "Blood for blood" two of Letzte Instanz’s musicians appeared. One dressed as cook was crossing the stage and greasing other musicians with yellow liniment, other one was filming whole action. Guys reappered in quite unusual piece - cover of Backstreet Boys "Everybody". It need to be admitted, that rock version of it - with string section added - sounds unexpectedly good. The last track played by ’Lollies’ was "Credo", kind of the fans anthem. And here as well the little joke was made by the headliner to the support - at some point behind Harms’s back hung rainbow flag like from equality parade.
After the hot acknowledgments for common tournee, farewelled with applause, the musicians left the stage.

After the short technic brake there was a time for the main course - Letzte Instanz. Current tournee was promoting their new album "Ewig". Released at the end of September is the third part of musical trilogy consisted of "Schuldig"-"Heilig"-"Ewig" (guilty-saint-eternal).
Because in my opinion middle album is the best one, I was waiting for the concert based on the tracks from the last part with mixed feelings. As I expected the beginning of the concert was dominated by new pieces. The audience acted vividly, it could be seen that new repertoire was accepted by dedicated fans. I focused on looking at scenography - flag with motive connected with last CD’s cover, big logotypes of the band and interesting light that played big role at creating proper atmosphere. Seven-band reigned the stage and the audience, warming up the atmosphere minute by minute. During the track "Blind" (in my opinion one of the best from new album) as the guest on the stage appeared Ria Eisblume that sings also on album version.

After beautifully performed ballad there was time to come back to quicker, older tracks. The audience flowed while such pieces as "Atme!", "Flucht ins Glück" or "Ohne Dich" played in acoustic version. The concert was going to the culmination - the most popular song, ballad "Wir sind allein" was played, during which the hands of fans went up, creating one wave. While at next hit 'Rapunzel’ (who does remember tale about Rapunzel and her beautiful, long hair?) on the stage appeared out od nowhere five, blond, half naked Rapunzels. Wait a moment... since when are Rapunzels running with beer in their hands and have hairy legs under the towels?
The audience, amused to tears, recognized without any problems the musicians from Lord of the Lost as "alluring" blondes. Running in their panties and stockings they made sweet revenge for the earlier suprises. After this entertaining show came the time for climatic ending. As farewell band performed beautiful lullaby "Schlaf, schlaf", during that singer Holly walked along the whole hall to personally thank sound and light engineers for their work at the tournee.

The audience sang last lines of the song and after that said goodbye warmly, with applause, to both bands. It was the time to take the photo from the stage and... depending on preferences choose to sleep or to go for the afterparty to nearby Last Cathedral. Because I chose the first one I can’t write anything more about what happened there ;)
Translator: harpia
Add date: 2012-12-21 / Live reports

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