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Phil J. aka Steinkind

Steinkind on Wave Gotik Treffen 2012

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Sàndor F.
Phil J.
Live Support: - Ronny F.


Hailing from Germany, Leipzig. Steinkind is Phil J. and Sàndor F., who first met in 2005. Both went autonomous from each other to an Electro-Industrial Party, which ended up in a fight, some people, but also Phil and Sàndor, got arrested. While sitting in remand, they had time to talk and recognised both had more in common, than deformed faces. Both had quite a lot musical experiences in different projects and bands, but both never where satisfied until that day. Back in normal life, Phil J. and Sàndor F. started meeting once in a while, drinking, talking and abusing synthesisers. They noticed: it works, Steinkind was born – and it’s alive! This project was yelling for hard work and professional structures, to push their style: well arranged songs, timeless and danceable electronic music versus hard, uncompromising lyrics and straight in your face singing. And not to forget a technical realisation at it is best.