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Dolls Of Pain

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Dolls Of Pain
Dolls Of Pain

Dolls Of Pain
Dolls Of Pain

Francja / France

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, industrial


Band members:

Laurent Collin aka Notre Guide - Vocals / lyrics
Cédric Delabia aka VDB42 - Synthetic keys / 2nd vocals
Olivier Delforge aka Machine - Guitars / keyboards programming / composing
Philippe aka Darx - Live sound engineer / mastering / webmaster
Past Members
Stéphane Nicolau -
 (2004-2009) Guitar
NicH2o (Nicolas BAÜMLIN) - leads Keyboards live (only in 2010)


The band has been created in February 2003 by Olivier and Cedric. The singer (Laurent) and the guitarist (Stephane) have reached the band several months after the first title creation. In July 2009 Stéphane left the band.
The band has joined early 2005 the swiss label Urgence Disk Record and released their first alb - 25 Feb 2006 – “Dec[a]dance”.
    Dolls of Pain proposes an original music (sic!), a blend of each member influences.
    In July 2009 Stéphane leaves the band, the line up was changed. Olivier leaves keyboards on stage (continuous in studio) to rage in the guitar and Nicolas, an old friend, of the band arrives at stage keyboards.
 This new line up gives more punch on stage and opens new perspectives.
 Since 2004, Dolls of Pain have toured more than 70 times in France, Belgium, Switzerland, UK, Netherland, Luxembourg and Germany.
    After three albums and three free on-line compilations of remix published by Urgency Disk Records and A-R-P, whose latest one is Cybersex taken out in 2009, DOLLS OF PAIN just arrived to Advoxya Records.