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Plasmodivm - Logo

Sandro V.

Hiszpania / Spain

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM


Band members:

Sandro V. - Voice, lyrics, programming, synths, loops


Plasmodivm is an electronic project born at the late 90´s creating electro-industrial sounds with an experimental touch, published two demo tapes in 1998 and 2000. During the new century this one man project has been working in new material with more polished and dark electronic sound in the vein of the dark EBM music of the 90´s and introducing some modern elements trying to create a bridge between two worlds of the dark EBM area. Sandro V., mastermind of this project does what he likes, and after a few contacts with some labels of the scene he decides to sign with the Spanish label Caustic Records, home of well-known bands like PAIL, HIV+ and the sound architects Tannhauser between others. Be prepared to be infected. Be Impure - Stay Impure
Sounds LikeSleepwalk, Abscess, Suicide Commando, Mortal Constraint, yelworC, XMTP, Neon Cage Experiment, Velvet Acid Christ, F.L.A., Skinny Puppy, Numb , E-Craft, Individual Totem, Decoded Feedback, SA 42, Portion Control, Leaether Strip, Mentallo & The Fixer....