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Novakill began in 1996 when Bones, performing solo as Deathly Quiet!, started organizing acts to bring more electronic music to Sydney. Here he met SIk, who at the time was creating dark electro music with his brother. Together, Bones and SIk started Sydney's first all industrial club night, Virus. Shortly after, titling themselves Novakill, they began making edgy electronic music together.

Between 1997 and 1998 Novakill released three tracks on different local and overseas compilations. At this same time while preparing to record their first full album, the duo experimented with software sequencers and virtual instruments. This brought on a new artistic direction and sound construction. In order to explore this newly realized technology they decided to delay the album.

In 2002 they finally began work again on their first album, "Hard Tech for a Hard World". Due to the demanding work schedules of both members the progress was sluggish, however, they managed to complete the album by mid 2003. Upon hearing the demo, Metropolis Records signed the Australian act for North America.

"Hard Tech for a Hard World" represented not only an original and creative breakthrough resulting from years of hard work but also a seven year chronicle of Novakill. The ten track album covered the full Electro-Industrial gamut with the slow, churning menace of "Skreamflesh" and "Obsession" to the adrenaline rush of "Suffering" and "Psykobomb". With striking beats and unrelenting basslines "Hard Tech for a Hard World" is intended for the dance floor.

During Hard Tech's long gestation period Novakill continued to write new material, and had half an album's worth of songs almost complete when Hard Tech was finally released. With the first album barely out the door, they started work on the follow-up, finishing off new songs and whipping a few old ideas into shape. For 2005, the fruit of their labor is ready to be unleashed. Dark, aggressive and hard, "Kill Everyone" is a great reminder of the hostile roots of EBM while managing to not sound dated. Featuring ten new tracks and updated versions of "Shoknova" and "Western Zone", "Kill Everyone" is set to take control of the American electro scene.

Next third album Novakill given in September 2009 year ‘'I Hate God'' continues already peeled by team 13 years ago sound path predatory, brutal and dark electronics.

Novakill return with their fourth and strongest album, "(D)Anger"! This album represents the biggest leap forward in the band's 20 year history. Every song is a potential single, from the haunting "Gone" to the stompin' dance-floor fodder of "Zombie Killerz". This is high powered EBM of the highest order, with a punk edge that makes it truly cyberpunk. Much of the improvement has come from the working method the band have used to create "(D)Anger". This release sees eleven songs that are true collaborations, with input from both members. The results of this new working method speak for themselves, with an album that is consistent from start to finish. "(D)Anger" presents some of the noise of earlier albums to focus on strong rhythms and powerful choruses that propel the songs forward on a wave of pure adrenaline.