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Niemcy / Germany

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ebm, industrial


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The project Feindflug was founded between the years 1995 and 1996, when two creative guys Banane and Felix met by accident. Banane was doing DJ jobs, but has his own musical imaginations and Felix had the required equipment to realise their mutual wishes in form of industrial music. At this time, Nico was part of Feindflug, but due to musical differences Feindflug and Nico quickly went different ways. For a long time, 1999-2004, Beam has been supporting Feindflug as live drummer. In 1997, the first CD "Feindflug" was released as a self produced CD-R. There were interests from record labels, but only with the condition to change things like name of the project, song titles etc. In 1998 "I./ St. G. 3" was released by a right wing label. Later, the band was signed by Black Rain, and this label published first debut album of the project - "Vierte Version". The maxi CD "Im Visier" was released in November 1999, it was unofficially dedicated to Prof. Hugo Junkers, one of the greatest designing engineers. Next CD, entitled "Sterbehilfe" was published in 2000 - the death penalty was the main theme this time. In july 2002, the CD "Hirnschlacht" was to be released. But thanks to all the false rumours surrounding the band, that record was delayed. Three weeks later, it fainally hit the stores. One year later, in 2003 Black Rain records released famous EP "I. / St. G. 3". To this day forward, Feindflug is not a regular live band. Due to job, studies.... each live gig has to be planned carefully. Due to the familiar atmosphere, the tour with Aslan Faction was the one Feindflug liked most of all. In 2005 finally a new album was published - called "Volk Und Armee"