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Massiv In Mensch

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Massiv In Mensch
Massiv In Mensch band

Massiv In Mensch
Massiv In Mensch

Niemcy/ Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, industrial


Band members:

Daniel Logemann
Mirco Osterthun
Anna Maria Straatmann  
Dirk Brunken - live


Massiv in Mensch are one of the new breed of electronic artists seamlessly blending techno, industrial, and punk with their hard-hitting assaults on the dance floors! Based in German, the heart of the dark electronic music world, Daniel Logemann (vocals),  Mirco Osterthun (programming) and Anna-Maria Straatmann (vocals),  create electronic body music with heavy doses of techno and trance. Their vision of human revolution pits mankind against himself, and their music seeks to find hope and courage on a technological battlefield.