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Felix Marc

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Felix Marc
Felix Marc

Felix Marc
Felix Marc

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Felix Marc


Felix Marc has been making music since 1994. The initial pieces consisted exclusively of synthesizer -, drumcomputer and sampled sounds, which were steered via a software sequencer. Since 1994, there have been different stylistic changes and developments from Hard Trance, to House and Rave and later a symbiosis of Dream House and Trance. The developments in the creation of own music went hand in hand with a regular commitment as DJ. First limited to parties and school happenings, he soon became a resident DJ in a local club, which gave him the opportunity to present his material to a broader public. In 2001, he joined efforts with Torben Wendt in the Dark Wave Group Diorama as producer, background singer and live keyboard player. This co-operation brought forward some amazing musical pieces and experiences.

During a support tour with Diorama for VNV Nation in April 2005, he connected to Vasi Vallis who was playing live keyboards for VNV. After the tour and when Vasis’s former project NamNamBulu fell apart, they decided to start a collaboration under the name of Frozen Plasma with Felix as the lead singer. After several releases already, on 29th May 2009 they offered their listeners the latest album "Monumentum".

Felix’ solo project gathers songs from the first moment of own music production until today and compiles them on a first album called “Pathways” which was released on August 29th, 2008, on Infacted Recordings.  In 2011 Felix released his second album - "Parallel Worlds"


with Diorama:
01. Her Liquid Arms (2001) - the second album of Diorama, but the first with Felix
02. Device (single) (2001)
03. The Art Of Creating Confusing Spirits (2002)
04. Amaroid (2005)
05. Repale (2005)
06. Pale (re-edit.) (2005) - re-edition of the first album of Diorama
07. A Different Life (2007)
08. Synthesize Me (single) (2007)
09. Cubed (2010)

with Frozen Plasma:
01. Hypocrite (single) (2005)
02. Irony (single) (2006)
03. Irony (vinyl) (2006)
04. Artificial (2006)
05. Warmongers (promo) (2006)
06. Emphasize (EP) (2006)
07. Tanz die Revolution (single) (2008)
08. Earthling (single) (2009)
09. Monumentum (2009)
10. Tanz die Revolution / International Version (single) (2009)