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KMFDM releases title track ahead of new album ‘Let Go’, video out now

2024-01-19 (News)

KMFDM have a new single out via Metropolis Records, "Let Go". "Let Go" is also the title track of the new KMFDM 11-track album which will be out on February 2nd on CD and vinyl, plus download and streaming.

Kirlian Camera offers 2nd single from new album - Götter, geht weg!

2024-01-12 (News)

The Italian band Kirlian Camera releases the track "Götter, geht weg!" (translated from German as "Gods, go away!") as the second single from the forthcoming new double album "Radio Signals for the Dying". The release date of "Radio Signals for the Dying" has been slated to February 23, 2024.

Project Pitchfork completes trilogy and launches ‘Elysium’ in 2024

2024-01-09 (News)

For several years fans have been waiting for Project Pitchfork to release the 3rd installment in the series they promised back in 2018. Project Pitchfork put out "Akkretion" and "Fragment", the first two parts of a trilogy but since then 5 years went by with nothing new since.

Magic Wands - Switch

2023-05-30 (News)

Magic Wands is a US dark pop outfit originally formed in Nashville by guitarists & vocalists Chris and Dexy Valentine, but now based in Los Angeles where they have been joined by drummer Pablo Amador.

ANGER 奰 - The End is Nigh

2023-05-28 (News)

The new song by ANGER 奰, 'The End is, is about the decline of free-thinking. As the sole member, B.W., points out:

Weird Wolves new single - The Construct

2023-05-26 (News)

Starting out as an acoustic band in 2018, Gore and Colantonio have evolved into the Electro-Goth band. Their first single, "Ghost Voices - Weird West (Official Game Soundtrack)" was released in December, 2019

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