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Blutengel - Complete


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The new single "Complete" is a rare gem of electronic Pop music. The limited MCD contains the title track in a single-edit and remix, as well as two more exclusive new songs. Chris Pohl has forged this painful yet inevitable part of everyone's existence into his most intense single to date. "Complete" fuses anthemic gloom with a gripping, dark intensity to create the kind of honest, deeply emotional experience that has become a rare trait in today's electronic music scene. "Complete" marks the most consequent evolution - an immersive trip that effectively puts the listener under its spell.
Available from 2 December 2016 by Out Of Line.

01 Complete (Single Edit)
02 Complete (Massive Ego Remix)
03 Nowhere
04 Dusk
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: Out Of Line / 2016-12-02 / News

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Arpad Jakab

Arpad Jakab
Writen at: 2016-12-09 10:42:53
Blutengel is always crap.