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Before the show of Thursday evening’s star on 11.03.2010, which was about to begin in Warsaw club, Progresja, that is the band Combichrist, there was a performance of Red Emprez, a Project from Bialystok, which unfortunately was a poor warm-up before the Norwegians’. Personally I have mixed feelings about musical artwork of this group. They entered the stage half-hour late, which didn’t particularly upset anyone, as they player for a scant, not crossing 30 drove of people gathered In front of the stage. A duo containing of a vocalist and keyboard player presented hardly dynamic, even monotonous material after which we all felt bored, almost drowsy. Sometimes a kind of power appeared in Red Emprez’s music but it was insufficient minimum. A combination of electronics with early 80s disco. A vocal connotation with Brian Warner, Johan Van Roy and even a bit with David Gahan, which doesn’t particularly make me fall on my knees. Weird lyrics of the songs didn’t appeal to me, neither did the suits they were wearing. Not only I didn’t like this whole combination, after a few tracks people were turned to the bar and couldn’t wait for the excitement which was about to begin in a moment under the leadership of Andy LaPleguea.

I have the impression that the Progresja club isn’t the best venue for electro concerts of such great stars as Combichrist. Organizers seem not to have fully considered the case. I had some fears that unfortunately later took the real form but I’ll come back to this issue In a moment. Traditionally already, switching off the lights before the musicians’ enter ring the stage, was a strong magnet for All the late ones and these drinking beer people waiting at the back. Me myself standing with the excited crowd just in front of the protective barriers, was preparing to Take the Best shoots as soon as only Combichrist will appear.

The funny thing was that technical staff had to lead up the musicians to the instruments, because in the darkness that set it was hard to localize something more than one’s own legs. With no great er surprise, the first song which Combichrist served us was "Intro/The Rain Of Blood". Next pieces: "Scarred" and "Get Out Of My Head" activated floodlight which with their strong flashes from the inside of the stage blinded us all. It wasn’t the best move because the stage didn’t belong to the big ones and also the distance to the barriers wasn’t too long. I could barely see a thing and from every possible side I felt like I’ve come under fire of the strobe, it’s a pity because the percussion, drums and keyboards played by: Joe Letz, Z_Marry and Trevor Friedrich was really spectacular. As always energetic Andy LaPlegua all the time kept brilliant contact with the public, vividly jumping from one end of the stage to another. The fans Turing the whole concert actively reacted to the leader’s suggestions, loudly singing all song's lyrics with him.

Quite an admiration aroused in me by functioning of the drums, though the sound system was not proportional, which effected in a completely different sound than the one we are used to from the band’s records. The concert consisted of a Finley arranged set list, the guys didn’t focus only on promotion the latest CD material. Apart from the three songs mentioned above, we Heard also: "Fuck That Shit", "Get Your Body Beat", "This Is My Rifle", "Today We Are All Demons", "Electrohead", "Are You Connected?", "Blut Royale", "Shut Up And Swallow", "Feed Your Anger", "This Shit Will Fuck You Up" ending with an encore "WTF Is Wrong With You". I waited for "Prince Of E-Ville" and "At The End Of It All" but unfortunately these tracks didn’t appear.

Disregarding the fact of lousy sound system, my favorite, amazingly played "This Shit Will Fuck You Up", kindled us to redness. There was no person who wouldn’t be spirited away by this performance. Very original, actually brilliant was the arranged only with a use of drums and ocal, "Electrohead", whereby I was pressed into the floor.

The end of Combichrist’s performance was literally crashing the parts of drums set and microphone stand by all members of the band, which gave even clearer view of power and strong expression of the artists. Not many people stayed at the later after party NACHT IM BRUNKER, yet these who stayed surely don’t regret, the party was excellent. The most persistent ones and the best observants came back home richer in autographs of Andy, who by coming among us rewarded and delighted everyone with his openness.

Despite a few technical faults, I find this concert an incredible show which I’ll surely remember for long. I encourage everyone not to miss the next chance to meet the band Combichrist live. I won’t lie saying that the band gives the best of themselves, great interaction of the musicians with audience made each of us felt exceptionally. It certainly wasn’t a waste of time. Exactly this kind of concerts I expect... More!
Translator: Ankara
Add date: 2010-04-15 / Live reports

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