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Controlled Collapse - Things Come To Pass

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Our very own, dark independent scene has been developing highly exemplarily, with new projects in blossom, equalling the music standards unoficially set by the Western classics, or even surpassing them. While enumerating Polish groups that have contributed to this status quo, by no means can one omit Controlled Collapse - a Łodź-based project of Wojciech 'kr-lik' Król, having been founded in 2003. With its previous album "Injection", the group has indubitadely established new level of sound standards, raising the musical bar of its genre indecently high. The latest release of CC, "Things Come To Pass", proves just right about this statement and corroborates it, simultaneously constituting somewhat a passing from the style characteristic of "Injection" - the manner of playing is slightly smoother, tamed, yet not deprived of that certain dose of balanced agression. Captivating melodics enriched with clear, utterly permeating beats and appealingly distinctive lyrics comprise the exemplary whole, which one is obliged to familiarize oneself with for being unaqcuainted with this album is simply a sin.

The rule has it that an intro usually begins the album - this case was no different - "Some people..." briefly presents the record's opulence of sounds. After the introduction the very first tunes of absolutely electryfing "Prisoner" resound, revealing new and more mature sound of CC, not devoid of inclinations towards more agressive way of playing, typical of the band's previous release. Similar conventions appear in subsequent tracks - strongly stimulating "The Same" or "Scream and Shout, highly pervaded by dynamics and additionally embellished with guitar accentuations. By means of "Halloween", a sort of temporary anxiety, caused by the finessed fusion of over-pulsating beats and allegedly innocent-sounding key-samples, creeps into the mind of a listener. This particular feeling of uneasiness continues as the title track - which makes an outstandingly well-sounding musical manifesto on the time that is passing alarmingly fast - "Things Come To Pass" starts. Both "Addiction" and "Without Me" bring some sort of relaxation, putting an end to the atmosphere of the subtle trepidation, emphasizing galvanization, the arousal of emotions by their noticably harmonizing medley of sounds. What may the newest album of CC propitiate their listeners with, apart from the already-mentioned sonic attractions? Certainly, the release could not have lacked instrumental pieces, such as "The Pain", which undoubtedly make a good opportunity to absorb the music completely, to sensually experience its entriety, while being bewitched by the artfullness of the composition themselves. As the time passes, the listener gets increasingly aware of the fact that the sound nourishment of senses is imminently and intrasigently coming to an end; the final closure of the second full-lenght musical chapter in the career of CC is marked by "Have You Ever...", I do hope that Wojciech will soon write the sound continuation of this chapter or at least create its worthy successor.

Undeniably, the elapse of time may perturb or even make one feel dizzy. However, in the case of "Things Come To Pass" the time has definitely worked to the adavntage of the album's creator, commencing a process of the musical evolution, in which agression has been skillfully handled, curbed and toned down, as well as balanced with a great number of sounds leaning towards milder, slightly softened way of playing. With its new release CC breaks with usual and typical fusion of highly distorted sounds, which other bands had us accustomed to, treating the listener to ineffably good compositions, skilfully combining all indispensable elements characterisitc of dark electro and industrial related genres. Everyone who happens to be interested in familiarizing him/herself with the latest record of the band of Wojciech Król will happily welcome the possibilty to download the basic version of Things Come To Pass from the official website of CC for free: The extended version features an addition in the form of a disc with remixes of numerous pieces of CC and can be purchased via the on-line store: The list of artists responsible for the remixes includes Dismantled, Wieloryb, SKON nad TomTylor, among the others.


01. Some People...
02. Prisoner
03. The Same
04. Scream And Shout
05. Halloween
06. Things Come To Pass (Album Version)
07 Addiction
08 Without Me
09 This Nightmare
10 Too Long
11 The Pain
12 The End
13 Have You Ever...
Translator: murd
Add date: 2011-03-27 / Music reviews

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