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Depeche Mode Devotional Convention

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On Saturday night February 26th V Ogólnopolski Zlot Fanów Depeche Mode [ 5th Meeting of Polish Depeche Mode Fans ] organized by the artistic group Little Pleasure took place. The party was in Głogów, in the club MayDay. We went from Poznań in the afternoon, in two groups, which after a meeting in Leszno [there's nothing like racing in two trains :)] joined together. After the arrival and interrogating of the locals about the club's location and possible ways of getting there, tempted by the nicely falling snow, we went to the club on foot. Unfortunately, after a while, a regular blizzard started and so we decided to use a local public transport. We got to the club at about 8 p.m. and we found out that there were already plenty of people who were dancing (the dancefloor was very big and perfect for the party of that kind). On this day Głogów was visited by fans not only from Wielkopolska but also from Pomorze , Śląsk and the Centre of Poland. There were really plenty of people and I liked that. Unfortunately, for the accident the concert of Desdemona was cancelled (they were to present their new , electronic material), but they were successfully substituted by DR8. After that we had a chance to see the formation Agressiva 69, who had a very good concert. Probably it's not easy to play for the people who are so strictly Depeche Mode oriented, but the gents of A69 did very well. After the concert and bis, the party [of course in DM style] begun. There were DM videoclips presented on the screen, the dancefloor was full all the time and traditionally after midnight there was PIMPF and later at 1.30 the competition Dave Dancing. The pictures of these points of the meeting as well as of the whole party together with the concerts are available in the gallery. All the people had a great time and were in good mood. Generally speaking, there was plenty of good energy in MayDay that night. As for me, at about 4.00 I wanted to take rest so I stopped and sat on a chair at the upper terrace, but Marcin and Arek [co-organizers] didn't let me sleep. I was suddenly woken up by the sound of DoD – The Curse, which led me (half sleeping) to the lower dancefloor where our group from Poznań took the control. The next pieces (Dulce Liquido, Suicide Commando and other favourites) deprived me of the remains of strength I had. We were screaming Posen! Posen! Jumping like freaks and dancing in our electro-circle. We left the club with the people from Lublin and Szczecin. 15 minutes walk to the railway station and the Meeting was over. In my opinion the whole party was a very fine one : there were no serious technical problems. I think that those who went to Głogów enjoyed the event and they will go there again if any such party ever takes place in the future. Congratulations once again and many thanks for the organizers. See you soon in Poznań during DM party. Info about the event - soon :)
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Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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