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Planet Myer Day 12

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January is the month of New Year's resolutions, beginnings, new challenges and anticipations: one is surely looking forward to the upcoming summer festival season. Planet Myer Day, which takes place in Leipzig, is a perefect oportunity to make the countdown to musical festivities more pleasurable. If someone had not pruchase the ticket earlier, might have been in for an unpleasurable surprise, for the event was sold out.

The festiwal was begun with one of the projects of Daniel Myer, that is S'Apex. They have one album "Autodesign" and two Eps - "Out There Back On / Procedure#1" and "Henryk" to their credit. Due to technical reasons, that is a minor accident, as a result of which Daniel broke his finger, DJ Booga filled in for Myer during S'Apex' show. We were given a twenty-minute set of good electronic music, wonderfully disposing the audience towards the upcoming performances.

Binary Park
An electronic project that comes from Germany, including members such as Torben Schmidt, Alfred Gregl and Huw Jones, on vocals. Unfortunately, at PMD they did not play in their normal line-up. However, the lack of vocalist was no obstacle to a successful performance. In order to enhance the overall impression the musicians added a set of dynamic visuals with the bands logo in the background. To such an persuading extent fo the gents interweave electronic, inudstrial and, at times, darkstep sounds that the audience began to dance to the rhythym. I personally did get carried away because it was very difficult to resist the atmosphere.

Ben Lukas Boysen, a musician, composer and producer, hides under the name Hecq. Apart from the studio albums recorded as Hecq, he is also the author of numerous remixes for In Strict Confidence and Seabound, among others. Boysen also composed music for advertising and marketing campains. In terms of visuals the performance was quite stern: only Ben and a desk with his equipment, sometimes unwillingly enlitened by reflectors. It does not sound encouraging but one has to feel just a few beats on their skin that additional elements are not needed. The music itself was exhilariting and invigorating – the audience was jiggling around more and more with every song played. The party atmosphere was contagious to everyone, almost one-hour-long set lapsed in a blink and Ben, with a smile on his face, was bidding farewell to the applausing audience.

I was really looking forward to this concert and as soon as Boris started walking around the stage, the tension went up high. Let us start from the beginning, however. Klangstabil is an electronic duo, founded 20 years ago. All right, as banal as it might sound, yet their works are difficult to classify in terms of music genres.
The gents Boris May and Maurizio Blanco create an unique medley in electronic style, with Kraftwerk being their main inspiration. Lyrics constitute another strong point of the musicians' collaboration; when combined with specific melodies they convey an important message, evoke reflections, mention existential philosophy. The set list mianly consisted of tracks from their latest record "Shadowaboy, released November 2013. It could not have been short of such diamonds as "You may start" or "Push yourself". The decor was similar to the one described above – nothing special to please the eye with; still, the concert was an emotioanl explosion. Klangstabil onstage present their whole musical soul, passion and involvement to the audience in an arresting way. (The interesting fact is that Boris waled around barefoot during the show. Why, is the question. Frankly, I do not have a clue, nevertheless it looked really charming.) I was very impressed when I was listening to their album back at home, however, hearing them playing live absolutely preposseses. With every song the audience seemed to yield to the atmosphere more and more and even sang along with Boris or Maurizio, who actes as a vocalist in two tracks. The gents made one more tribute to the fans, that is an exceptional performance of the song:Wir sind zusammen". Before playing the piece, Boris said that he had received a message from his fan on Facebook; the fan had asked whether he could perform witht he band. Hence, the duo was supported by the boy, whose name was Marco. Frankly, he did succeed in his guest performance, the hole was loudly applauded. An hour given over to Klangstabil passed so fast that we regretted to let the band leave the stage. \I might seem boring but the concert was phenomenal, the best one at PMD, in my opinion. The sounds of "You may start" were with me the whole way back home.:)

Time came for the headliner of the event, that is Daniel Myer and his bandmates, this time as Haujobb. As i have mentioned before, the frontman of the band got hurt a bit, hence the show went another way than it had been originally planned. However, if the audience had not been informed about this facte earlier, nobody would have felt the difference in Daniel's condition. The concert was very successful, the audience went crazy, the gathered did manage to use up all of the energy left over ;) "Subsonic" and "Let's drop bombs" opened the band's setlist". The audience got totally carried away by the electro-ebm atmosphere; peaople were dancing, gyrating, some of them got even involved in a mosh pit! The whole thing got too energetic at some point, the crow began to randomly topple, someone lost their shoe, all sorts of pushing and shoving ceased to be funny hence Daniel interrupted the concert. When the situation normalized, the show continued.After another two tracks, yet another pause, the third one in a row, yet this time very appealing one. Daniel told us something about Manuel's birthday, the audience did not wait for long and spontanically sang a happy birthday song to the birthday person! Then the next tones of "The noise institute" pealed out, the track that actually ended the whole set. The applause and cheers seemed endless, which probably resulted in the band's returning onto the stage. They played "Letting the demons sleep" and "World window". I bet you think it was the final of the show, right? At least all attendees thought so, thankfully clapping after the musicians had left the stage. There was quite a surprise when the band appeared on stage for the second, actually the third, time. The track which put the icing on a cake and at the same time finished this year's edition of Planet Myer Day was "Dead market". However shortened the set might have seemed, nobody was faulted with anything. The concert was fantastic, after it had come to an end everyone was flat out tired, yet grining from ear to ear. And that is what it is all about.:)

There was no afterparty after the concerts, all those who craved after further partying surealy headed for a place nearby called Dark Flower. The rest could savor drinks, buy a t-shirt, CD or simply have a chat with the gents from Klangstabil.

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