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I got to the club at about 7 p.m and actually got in at about 7.03 p.m. From the start I was positively surprised by the atmosphere in the club: starting from the ushers, through security, finishing with audience - they all were strangely kind ;). when I went closer to the scene, Morion, the first group supposed to play that evening, was already there. It needs to be added that it was their first big show in front of such a numerous audience, the young band, but it's obvious that they have something to say and to show. Although the first are always given the most difficult task to liven the audience up, Morion succeeded to do it to a more than satisfactory degree and the musicians should be proud for that reason. At the end of their performance they were given encore, which even the musicians themselves hadn't expected. After the short break the band from Poznań -Lilith - appeared on the stage. The contact with the audience was slightly worse that Morion's, but still the vocalist Agnieszka did not give up and the group was making the most of their show. It was nice to hear the pieces of the new album, and in my humble opinion, they were much better than the older material. This is a positive notion, because it proves the group's evolution. After taking some photos I stood not very far from the stage to be able to see what was happening there ( and to see Agnieszka's satin dress ;)) and one thing made me wonder: why such a numerous group od people was trying to peck the band by screaming some vicious remarks? Well... people are strange .. or maybe I am strange... Next, Lebenssteuer, the band which hadn't been seen in Poznań for a long time, appeared. It should be pointed out sharply -it was that evening's killer. The audience was brought to its knees by harsh pieces; some people ware almost deprived of their heads because of waving their hair. :) Piece after piece and the temperature of the dance floor and stage was rising to such a level that finally the vocalist and one of his guitarists took off their shirts, which change of outfit to more standard -that is topless - made the female part of the audience very happy ( well... equality between sexes, isn't it?). Unfortunately, none of the ladies answered the invitation and the undisturbed fast tones of the concert proceeded. The performance of legendary group Moonlight was the last point of the evening's programme. As you may easily guess, it was great ; the usual high level the fan's of the group are used to. However,the band announced with the pure satisfaction that it was their first concert since half a year, because during that time the group had been working in the studio over the new material which is to be released in the nearest future. The band obviously got encore and the concert finished in a really nice atmosphere. I must admit that I haven't been to such a nice concert for a long time. I wish there were more of them.
Translator: Dobermann
Add date: 2005-10-09 / Live reports

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