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Life Cried

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Life Cried
Chris Reject

Life Cried
Life Cried


Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Aggrotech, dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

Chris Reject - all music, vocals, lyrics and concept.

live personnel:
Chris Reject - vocals
Len - keyboards
Chris x - drums
James - bass
David - keyboards


Having been in existence since 1999, LIFE CRIED now aggressively emerges as the spearhead of the US Electro scene. Music-wise LIFE CRIED combine dark melodies and high club appeal, while injecting a soul, atmosphere and s tyle into their music by creating compositions with depth and charisma. The debut album is convincing from the first to last track by using well chosen samples and clear, easy recognizable melodies as well as driving beats. Life Cried took time to create this debut, which helped to perfect their sound and by this to compensate what numerous recently released Electro albums are lacking.

With ‘Banished Psalms’ listeners get a rare glimpse into the mind of this eccentric front man, with tales of personal strife, love and addiction carefully interwove with an underlying theme of a loss of faith. Life Cried into something much more than what we have come to know as ‘Dark EBM’.

Life Cried has toured relentlessly since the release of ‘Drawn & Quartered’ including concerts supporting Taktical Sekt, The Birthday Massacre, And One, and many more, establishing them as one of the rare powerful live acts within the electronic scene.