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Jan L.

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
Aggrotech, dark electro, ebm, Harsh EBM, industrial


Band members:

Jan L. - sound design, programming arranging, lyrics, vocals, mixing, mastering, video editing, web design, cd-cover creation



Everything´s begun in 1988 when X-FUSION used his legendary Commodore C=64 for combining electronic sounds with organ-sequences and vinyl-elements. Two years later his C64 was detached by Amiga 500, developing to 4 tracks and 8 bit.

X-FUSION was born !


1991 his first demo tape called “Syndromic Noise“ was made. In the following year X-FUSION extended the equipment with his first own synthesizer – the Kawai K4 – and his style of music finally got a designation. During that period the second demo-tape was created and could be defined as Hardtrance. 1993 was a very eventful year for X-FUSION.

At several gigs at techno-parties such as the Innovation Rave (Fantasy/Dülmen) he showed his abilities live in front of almost 2000 fans. Not least X-FUSION extended his equipment again with the second synthesizer Roland JD800.
br> The following year brought up another three demos until 1997 when the Amiga 500 was replaced by a PC. X-FUSION´s style of music evolved into the style of techno/acid/house just to the year 2000 when his first tracks including vocals were produced.


Because of the fact that music was always a method for X-FUSION to express his emotions, it was a small wonder that his style got more atmospheric and became more dusky, at least because X-FUSION always had an inclination for dark sounds in private. Also by using vocals he got the possibility of expressing his deepest feelings lyrically. 2001 and 2002 two ebm-shaped demos „EVILLIVE“ and „BLACKOUT EP“ were produced. Because of those X-FUSION signed his first label-deal at the Indie-Label DARK DIMENSIONS/SCANNER in the following year and his first official album „DIAL D FOR DEMONS“ was released. Nearly one year later (2004) the second album came out -„BEYOND THE PALE “, which immediately entered the alternative charts. Not later than that you cannot think of an EBM-world without X-FUSION.

But that´s not the end.... his musically enormous spectrum will be proved by the album „Antipode“ of the side-project NOISUF-X, coming out 2005, that in opposite to X-FUSION it dedicates itself to the distorted industrial sounds. But the upcoming album “ANTIPODE” should not be seen at any time as a creative break for X-FUSION, because just in the same year the new double-album „DEMONS OF HATE“ will be brought into life and will surprise its listeners with further developed and innovative sound-structures.

“DEMONS OF HATE“ is the 13th X-FUSION-Album since 1988.