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Lola Angst

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Lola Angst
Alexandar Goldmann - Lola Angst

Lola Angst
Lola Angst

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
dark electro, ebm, electronic, futurepop


Band members:

Goldmann - Voc/Keys
Mikula - VOc/Keys
Morgan - Voc/Keys
Da Silva - Drums
Flex - Bass


If there's any band in Europe with the right to say that they're crazy, innovative, eccentric and brilliant then it's without any doubt Lola Angst. Since five years church organist and band founder Goldmann is carrying the 300 kg church organ with all the 120 pipes through half Europe. Starting with the legendary Mera Luna Festival perfomance in front of 12.000 people the band had its appearance at festivals in plenty european countries. Their music is unique and the Maxi "Am I Dead" even made it in japanese charts. The two longplayers "Council of Love" and "Schwarzwald" (Black Forest) with all the songs recorded live using the church organ are the most innovative the Electro Scene had to offer since years. They allowed the band to perform on european festivals from Sweden to Italy. The Electro Duo grew now, 2009, to a regular band. The star Death Drummer Tyronne Silva, the US bass player Flex and two young keyboard players and sample specialists are on board now. Two killer ballerinas from the Berlin-based Staatsballett make the show complete. Together they deliver the audience 120 minutes perfect entertainment, show, dance and pure Rock'n'Roll. A perfect mixture of mind candy. Death Electronic Rock'n'Roll is born and Lola Angst will leave the audience speechless when they present their new album "Viva la Lola". A pinch of classical church organ virtuosity, beautiful ballerinas and a great show - this year will bring the big break through to the top! A show for the young, the old, the rockers, the electro freaks, the punks and metal headz- you'll all surrender! Great hymns, great theater as well, pure madness... Enter with free will.But beware. Only lunatics are welcome!