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Seabound on Amphi Festival 2012

Niemcy / Germany

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, electronic, futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

Martin Vorbrodt (music)
Frank M. Spinath (lyrics, vocals)

Daniel Wehmeier
(live drums)


Synthpop/futurepop duo from Germany. Their lyrics are in English the most part explore the human psyche and the way that everyday events can affect a person psychologically. Hence the band's slogan; "Seabound: Journey Into Your Mind."

Their music is personal and honest, but mixed with a lot of fantasy and would like to take the listener on a remarkable emotional journey.
Seabound began in 1995 when Frank M. Spinath and Martin Vorbrodt were introduced by a mutual friend. They were so different musically that they weren't certain as to whether or not a musical collaboration between them would work. Despite the uncertainty they decided to work on a couple of demo tracks just to see whether they could create something unique together. As it turned out, the clash of different worlds both personally and musically is a fruitful source for electronic music that is full of contradictions.
After they recorded the first demo CD which they sent to a handful of labels including Dependent, they choose the name Seabound. They decided on the name because of Spinath's love of the ocean and the fact that Vorbrodt was born near the shore. The name also implies a ship leaving from a safe harbor into the unknown and sometimes treacherous seas, a metaphor for a life and the band itself „sail or drown, smooth or rough, destination uknown” (Frank M. Spinath)
Their debut album No Sleep Demon was released by Dependent in 2001. Drawing influence from the beat-oriented sounds of Front242 and Covenant, as well as new wave acts such as Visage and Depeche Mode, the album proved to be relatively successful in the European EBM and Darkwave scenes. Tracks such as Travelling and Hooked were well-suited for club play; that exposure made the band known for their warm vocals, icy synth parts, and entrancing, sinuous melodies.
No Sleep Demon was very well received in the US, therefore in 2002 with the second support band Dupont they took part of US and German tour with Covenant Northern Lights Tour.
They took their time recording the follow-up album Beyond Flatline. It was released in 2004 incorporating their every well-known strengths , that is melodic electronic music with a twist, skillful programming, undistorted vocals, and lyrical depth reflecting a wide range of personal emotions.
The duo embarked on a successful European tour with fellow futurepop group Pride&Fall; this tour dawned the released a split E.P. entitled Beyond Flatline Tour 2004. The release featured remixes of tracks like Watching Over You (Beacon In The Night mix) and brilliant Floating (feat. Andrew Sega). Later that year the duo's debut album No Sleep Demon was re-released as No Sleep Demon V2.0 presenting new mixes of the songs Hooked and Avalost. At the same year was released also E.P. Poisonous Friend included remixes of tracks from Beyond Flatline as well as two exclusive new tracks.
In 2004 Daniel Wehmeier joined to the team supports the band's live shows on drums.
In 2006 was released their third album, Double-Crosser. Following quotes of Metropolis Records: „Possibly the most heart-felt and painful album of the year, Seabound’s Double-Crosser is a violent psychological storm of emotions all tied into the themes of deceit and self-deception. Imagine every emotion one is faced with when they find out someone they love has decimated their trust. Love, anger, depression, blame and remorse pull the listener through the deepest recesses of the human psyche as they begin to question the very truth they were presented.” .The album reached No. 1 on the German Alternative Charts (DAC) and German Electronic Web Charts (GEWC). The album also reached No. 3 Hellenic Alternative Charts (HAC) and No. 6 Nordic Alternative Charts (NAC).
Right after they return from US tour which held together with Iris (The Alliance Tour 2008) was released live album recorded in Berlin (6.10.2007) Come Forward – Live in Berlin.
In 2009, Seabound released When Black Beats Blue, an album containing rare and unreleased remixes of tracks from 2001-2008 made with collaborations with HECQ, Forma Tadre, Haujobb, Mindless Faith, Die Form and more.
Next fourth studio album Speak in Storms (Dependent Records) is expected for release in 2012.