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Wave Gotik Treffen - improtant news!

2015-01-14 (Events)

Several irritated visitors of WGT recently told us that a company called "Global Tickets" is currently offering tickets for the forthcoming WGT for sale on their website for an imaginary price of 149,- Euros.

In Strict Confidence in Wrocław

2015-01-11 (Events)

Feel invited to Liverpool club in Wrocław for an exceptional concert of In Strict Confidence. The performance will be held as Vintage Show 1996-2004 with the support of Swedish Guilt Trip. The tickets are already available.


Kalisz Ambient Festiwal IV

2015-01-10 (Events)

We bring to you the first announcement of Kalisz Ambient Festiwal! It will take place on 24th october 2015 in Kalisz student's club Pod Muzami, on a scene Düsseldorf and Stara Rzeka. 

Anneke van Giersbergen & Daniel Cavanagh will play concert in Posen

2014-12-26 (Events)

P.W. Events invites for unforgettable and emotional evening with Anneke van Giersbergen and Daniel Cavanagh. Extremely popular, known from her participation in Dutch The Gathering vocalist and Anathema leader will throw a concert in Poland on 11th January in Ponań.
The concert will consist of three parts - solo performances and duet one and will include repertoire of The Gathering, Anathema and Aqua de Annique in the arrangements for piano and acoustic guitar.

Planet Myer Day 13

2014-12-21 (Events)

The thirteenth edition of Planet Myer Day will take place on 09.01.2015, traditionally in the Moritzbastei in Leipzig. For the audience are waiting many music activities, like: Noise, Ambient, EBM, IDM. In the line-up, pioneers of innovative electronic scene - Radioaktivists, Cervello Elettronico, DTSR plus numerous visuals and aftershow.

Supported event: Księżyc in New Synagogue, Gdańsk

2014-12-15 (Events)

Legendary band KSIĘŻYC (THE MOON), reactivated this year after 18-year-long hiatus, will be performing on 14th Feb 2015 in New Synagogue, Gdańsk. We invite you to this extraordinary concert in extraordinary place. Meet us there!

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