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Stahlmann - Adamant



German band formed in 2008 in Göttingen, Germany, Stahlmann, announces release date of its third Longplay, entitled "Adamant", on April 19th. Creativity of the group can be described as Neue Deutsche Härte - the German genre, inspired by Industrial Metal & Electronic Music.

Did you ever think of humans as cold steel-machines, working and living their daily life the same – functioning!? The emotions can only be released by and through music. An image which KRAFTWERK – pioneers in the respective scene – already characterized and projected on our society. STAHLMANN were inspired by said image and extended it in their style. "Adamant" is derived from the Greek word "adamastos", meaning "untameable". – Clearly a trait that can be found in the band that is Stahlmann in the year 2013! "Adamant" is the successor of the HIT-album "Quecksilber", which entered the German Charts at #39! The band has been on tour with acts such as EISBRECHER, PROJECT PITCHFORK, MONO INC and many more.


01 Die Welt verbrennt
02 Süchtig
03 Wenn der Regen kommt
04 Schwarz (feat. Teufel of Tanzwut)
05 Leuchtfeuer
06 Adrenalin
07 Der Schmied
08 Paradies
09 Nackt
10 Tempel der Lust
11 Dämonin

Author: NataliaElanor
Translator: NataliaElanor
Source: / 2013-03-31 / News

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