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Stahlmann - CO2



Mart and his band return with their brand new album "CO2" and follow the course of Stahlmann.Beside their unique look (which quickly became a trademark) Stahlmann also present their best songwriting and arrangements on "CO2" so far. It is not too different from their previous works, but it shows a matured band that is able to put together an album full of hits. In addition to the typical powerful musical style, catchy lyrics and Marts deep, distinctive voice, you can also find electrical and dubstep elements that will make the audience dance in the clubs again.
Available from 28 August 2015 by AFM Records.

1. Feindflug
2. Plasma
3. Deutschland tanzt
4. Die Klinge
5. Sadist
6. Friss mich
7. Spiegelbild
8. Wenn Engel tanzen
9. Der letzte Tag
10. Nimm meine Hand
11. Von Null auf Hundert (Bonustrack)
12. Deutschland tanzt (Club Version / Bonustrack)
13. Videoclip Plasma (Bonustrack)
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: AFM Records / 2015-08-18 / News

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