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Stahlmann - Bastard


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First single "Bastard/Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei" was the first glimpse of the upcoming album "Bastard".
Not only because of their unique silvery look Stahlmann became one of the most important bands of the genre and in addition to their typical powerful musical style, their brute but catchy lyrics and singer Mart’s deep, distinctive voice, their intense live performances prove this status as well.
Available from 19 May 2017 by AFM Records.

1. Leitwolf
2. Judas
3. Bastard
4. Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei
5. Wächter
6. Von Glut Zu Asche
7. Alptraum
8. Dein Gott
9. Schwarz Und Weiss
10. Supernova

Digipak Bonus
11. Military Lapdance
+ Video "Nichts Spricht Wahre Liebe Frei"
Author: hellium
Translator: hellium
Source: AFM Records / 2017-05-17 / News

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