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Colony 5

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Colony 5
Colony 5 band

Colony 5
Colony 5

Szwecja / Sweden

Date of establishing :

Music genere:
ebm, futurepop, synthpop


Band members:

P-O Svensson
Magnus Kalnins


"Colony 5" is a Swedish futurepop/synthpop/ebm band founded in March 1999. P-O Svensson started the band as a hobby with Magnus Löfdahl. Johan Nilsson joined in March of 2001 and, in April, they came second at the "Quest for Fame" contest. They soon began recording their first EP, "Colony 5" (which was released at the beginning of 2002), but in August Magnus left the band. Following the release of their first album, "Lifeline", Magnus Kalnins joined the band, soon after which they released their second single "Follow Your Heart" which contained three new songs not on the album. 2003 saw the single "Black" and their second album "Structures" released. Over the summer, C5 played at several large festivals and were nominated as "Best Newcomers" at the "Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards" (they came second). Sadly, Johan decided to leave the band in November. Their output slowed during 2004/5 whilst they toured eastern Europe. A collection of singles called "Colonisation" was released in 2004 and Colony 5 again got nominated for a SAMA award, this time losing out to "Statemachine". A new album, "Fixed", appeared in spring 2005. They were again nominated for SAMA awards, this time as "Best Band" and "Best Song" (for the single "Plastic World"). The latter of which they won. December 2007 saw the release of the single "Knives", their first new material for some 18 months. The album "Buried Again" followed in February 2008. It was released by Memento Materia in Scandinavia, Infacted in Germany and Artoffact in the USA.