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Diary of Dreams - Hell in Eden

2017-09-22 (News)

Musically, "Hell in Eden" is as energetic and monumental as no other album has ever been before, but at the same time, it is also warm, dark and fragile. It touches you from the very first note and builds up a fantasy world in your head, tempting you to lose yourself completely in its magic. Adrian Hates has come up with another masterpiece: 13 incredibly intense and emotional hymns in a wide variety of moods and colors come together to make up a very special conceptual work. Adrian himself already lists "Hell in Eden" amongst his favorite albums.

Crisis Actor - The Dissonant Reality Show

2017-09-21 (News)

Crisis Actor with "The Dissonant Reality Show" shows the eponymous title track presented with a manifold of fine remixes and extended versions as well as excellent remixes of the album tracks 'Tor', 'Bringer of War' and 'Electronic Eye'. On the remixers' list you can find well-known contributors like Dead Voices On Air, Displacer, Iszoloscope and Tripswitch (who also did the mastering), and artists who might be yet unheard to some listeners like D-Echo Project, Xspance and Solid State.

Nine Seconds - Agent Provocateur

2017-09-19 (News)

Nine Seconds releases "Agent Provocateur". It is the third album from this EBM trio. It contains potential club hits and a cover version of "Black Saturday". The production was done in collaboration with Stefan Poiss ( The song texts range from spy thrillers, over impossible love and psychological crossroads, to an homage to various horror films and to "1984". It is not a band that boringly hides behind keyboards. The experience of more than 100 live gigs as support or headlining act, they know how to give it their all on stage.

Your Life On Hold - Burning For The Ancient Connection

2017-09-18 (News)

Your Life On Hold album "Burning For The Ancient Connection" is a gothic rock sound that seems like natural and fitting to express the melancholic and gloomy narrative. Dreamy and atmospheric guitars inject brightness and colours into the dark compositions, while a tight and solid rock sound sometimes turns the melancholy into an angry harder wall of sound. Therefore we like to call it ‘post goth’, because of the rich array of influences and textures, bringing the classic gothic rock sound to a new level.

Soror Dolorosa - Apollo

2017-09-14 (News)

Here comes new album by the already legendary act, Paris-based Soror Dolorosa. The band creates raw and hungry gothic rock inspired by post-punk, death rock and cold wave. Soror Dolorosa four years in the making, "Apollo" is now crowning the achievement; a bombastic dystopian world view encapsulated in dark popcraft. Melodic and memorable, the album shines a light on both stunning beauty and haunting sadness with Julia's foreboding, prophet of doom baritone soaring on down a long and lonesome highway full of baroque, exquisite anguish.

V.A. - Dependence 2017

2017-09-13 (News)

"Dependence 2017" as always is the compilation full with exclusive tracks and mixes of the Dependent label repertoire. The atmospheric electronic composition of the "Volt" soundtrack by Alec Empire sets a moody intro to be sharply contrasted by acts like Covenant & Mesh. Long awaited and unreleased tracks from the Seabound side projects Edge Of Dawn & Ghost & Writer lead from Synthpop to the critically acclaimed modern industrial debut of 2nd Face to the hi-octane trance industrial maelstrom from This Morn' Omina back to the Electronic Pop cover version of the old Kinks rock classic "(Girl) You Really Got Me" by Spectra*Paris. 
"Dependence 2017" represents a fusion of various electronic styles, an exciting sonic helicopter-style trip through the rich and diverse tracks.

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