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Absurd Minds - Tempus Fugit

2017-01-28 (News)

Five albums and several other worldwide releases are the result of a creative phase that Tilo Ladwig and Stefan Grossmann started as a small homerecording project back in 1995 and which due to the cooperation with Francesco D'Angelo became one of the world's most successful electronic music projects.
Absurd Minds finally releases their long awaited sixth long-playing record "Tempus fugit", which is a striking comeback, and already one of the musical highlights 2017. They sound stronger than they ever did before!

Gin Devo - Electrotheque

2017-01-27 (News)

In lead with the masters of electronics from the 80's, Gin Devo (Vomito Negro Mastermind) strikes you with his new album "Electrotheque".
Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full analogue basses, drum machines, vintage string machines and sequential hardware madness.
"Electrotheque" stands for "purists" and with this album Gin Devo proves to be one of the last artists whom is capable of generating this kind of hardware electronic music without compromises.

Alphaxone & ProtoU - Stardust

2017-01-26 (News)

Alphaxone (Iran) & ProtoU (Ukraine) join forces on Space Ambient album "Stardust". Float weightless in the void to the sound of exploding supernovas.
A solid thump closes the airlock behind you. Greeting your vision, a myriad of stars shining like beacons in black space.
The engine roars as the plasma ions accelerates.
Alphaxones spacey synthesizers sweep in and out of ProtoUs iconic filtered noise on this unique release.
Written, Produced, Performed - Mehdi Saleh & Sasha Cats.
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath.

Mono Inc. - Together Till The End

2017-01-25 (News)

The ninth studio album from Mono Inc. takes us on an intense journey of strange drama, haunting melodies, wild orchestrations and deeply moving lyrics, as we follow a brutal voyage across terrible oceans in this tragic search for freedom.
The 12 songs are a gripping roller-coaster of moods and emotions. They will bewitch your ears, speed your pulse, and settle like gold dust on your heart.
2 tracks on this album are particularly striking: The moving anthem ‘Children of the Dark’ is a regular all-star project featuring vocal support from Joachim Witt, Tilo Wolff (Lacrimosa) and Chris Harms (Lord of the Lost) and ‘Boatman’ with VNV NATION front man Ronan Harris.

Daniel B. Prothèse - AIIHB0A0

2017-01-24 (News)

"The project started as noise for personal pleasure", Daniel B. says. This release is a collection of tracks shaped and mixed between approximately 1995 and 2010. "The recording process was one of voluntary limits, no use of midi, only analogue (some really old) sound generating equipment and sequencer, no more than 8 recorded tracks… and a few digitally mistreated drum sounds were also used, that’s all!" Daniel B. explains.
Vintage sound is generated by studio equipment and a part of Daniel B.’s personal collection: formant modular, system 101-102, system 100M, roland se 505, boss rvb 100, moog voyager anniversary #614, electro harmonix sequencer drum, yamaha 40m  #Z699, mfb synth II, Sherman filter model 1 # 909, arp odyssey…

Psychic Force - Welcome To ScarCity

2017-01-23 (News)

With their new full length album "Welcome To ScarCity" the The Psychic Force gang unites their old school EBM roots with their personal music spectrum evolution throughout the years, towards more modern and melodic forms of electronics.
A flight forward journey at full speed rolled-out in some 13 songs bringing us to dark oppressive cinematic industrial territories full of sample manipulations like the opening "Welcome To ScarCity", the lingering "Die In The Clinic", the upbeat "Painful Revelation" or the noir "BeDevil".
In short: "ScarCity" offers you a challenging mixture of icy EBM, harsh elektro and catchy synth melodies marking a solid return on the forefront of the dark EBM scene for The Psychic Force nicely rendered by the apocalyptic noir design of n0emi Aurora of Toxic Visions.

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