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Orange Sector - Farben

2016-12-05 (News)

Here comes the third part of the Orange Sector E.P. trilogy. After "Monoton" and "Stahlwerk" the limited EP will be entitled "Farben". Main song will be the title song "Farben", a massive pumping club tune made to make you dance! Second main tune is "Götter" an "old" ebm stomper remade for the live shows and stronger then ever. "Ich sehe dich sterben" a tribute to all people who recently lost their lives. The band wanted to do a very personal and moving "goodbye and thank you" and wrote this song. As bonus the EP features great remixes by AD.keY, Zoon Politicon and Blitzmaschine. The CD version of "Farben" is limited to only 300 units worldwide.

Blutengel - Complete

2016-12-02 (News)

The new single "Complete" is a rare gem of electronic Pop music. The limited MCD contains the title track in a single-edit and remix, as well as two more exclusive new songs. Chris Pohl has forged this painful yet inevitable part of everyone's existence into his most intense single to date. "Complete" fuses anthemic gloom with a gripping, dark intensity to create the kind of honest, deeply emotional experience that has become a rare trait in today's electronic music scene. "Complete" marks the most consequent evolution - an immersive trip that effectively puts the listener under its spell.

Seabound - Everything

2016-12-01 (News)

"Everything" is the definitive collection of Seabound's work to date. The deluxe box set contains every Seabound track ever released, including rare demo material,  spread across fourteen vinyl LP's and collected as lossless digital wav files on a DVD. The lavish set contains a 96-page hardcover book including lyrics, photos, artwork, personal notes from the band as well as a foreword by German cult radio host Ecki Stieg. Each box comes with a certificate of authenticity, hand-numbered and signed by Martin and Frank. "Everything" is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

THX - New World Order

2016-11-30 (News)

THX is the brainchild of sound wizzard Peter Schmidt and well known electronic/techno producer Andy Düx (Voyou, Overdrive Rec.). The re-release is a historical fourteen songs on one limited CD. The long deleted releases such as "Living in Purgatory" or the vinyl-singles "Luv’n’Trust" and "Holy City Zoo" have been real dance floor hits in the EBM/Electro clubs back in the 90's. The songs have again been massively remastered by Guido Fricke of Audion-X!

Paranoid - Never Too Late

2016-11-29 (News)

Second Paranoid classic CD release limited to only 1000 copies. After "I still dominate you" the second Paranoid release is named "Never too late" and brings us another 17 (!) Paranoid songs in digital remastered format including rare and unreleased songs. A real documentary for all fans.

Atropine - Assailant

2016-11-28 (News)

After the excellent performance of  "Recurring Nightmares" the Norwegian duo-act is ready to impress all the fans with another great album, until the last beat of drum-machine. "Assailant", composed of fifteen advanced EBM/Industrial tracks, characterized by an impressive vocal acidity, disciplined drum-programming automations, disturbing obsessive melodies and by a strong electronic energy. "Assailant" goes well beyond the best expectations: it comes from an higher electro culture.

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