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Various Artists - Electrostorm Vol.8

2017-04-14 (News)

The eighth instalment of the popular Electro-sampler-series yet again offers a selection of new songs from the most important scene bands and the most promising newcomers. The CD contains more new and unreleased tracks than ever before.
"The Electrostorm Vol.8" compilation not only brings together an impressive collection of the best artists and newcomers from the scene, featuring Blutengel, Hocico, Combichrist, Agonoize, Dive, Solar Fake, Chrom, Solitary Experiments, Melotron, Ashbury Heights, Rummelsnuff, Cephalgy, The Sexorcist, Massive Ego, Too Dead To Die, The Juggernauts and the brand new Agonoize-side project Any Second, it also features many completely new and unreleased tracks from Hocico, Agonoize, Solitary Experiments, Melotron, Ashbury Heights and many more.

Dread - In Dub

2017-04-13 (News)

Dread is a newly formed project of legendary sound artist Brian Williams who began working under the name Lustmord in 1980, and since then his dark sound sculptures have been highly influential not only in music genres such as ambient and industrial, but also in film and games.
The mightiness and intensity of this album is both tense and trance inducing, drawing attention to the shape and depth of the space between sounds as well as to the sounds themselves. The instrumental tracks drenched in echo and reverberation ebb and flow, dropping in and out of the mix, and are kept together by the prominent use of varied deep bass application. The usage of implemented voices, acoustic drums and an alectric guitar played by Wes Borland (Limp Bizkit) create a distinctly organic feel to the music, even though the effects are electronically created.

Eff Dst - Blackout

2017-04-12 (News)

Eff Dst is an electronic music project led by the composer, programmer and performer Dmitry Stepnov (Diffuzion). Blending industrial, experimental, ambient, idm, and trance styles, Eff Dst's music features intriguing themes that range from mellow to edgy and gritty.
Eff Dst's 'Blackout' album introduces a supreme balance between dreamlike emotional ambience and enthralling hypnotic rhythm textures. Eleven different landscapes of sonic brilliance full of idyllic, floating synth melodies and luscious warmth, immersed in an ocean of reverberated pads. The beauty of ambient soundscapes coalesced with idm's complexity and industrial music's harshness.

Crisis Actor - Slave New World

2017-04-11 (News)

Crisis Actor, a project from David Thrussell (Snog/Black Lung) and Tony d'Oporto (Gnomes Of Kush/Gnome & Spybey) deliver the eagerly awaited debut full length album 'Slave New World' after two highly acclaimed digital single and EP releases.
A unified theory and bold statement of conspiracy as folklore and precognition. A breathy politic scream from the lower regions of the information substrata. A diverse, inclusive but concise statement of seismic discontent. A dance floor screed about the alchemical potential nested in universal surveillance.
Crisis Actor are a perfect combination of intelligent EBM with a techno approach and social commentary.

Seven Trees - Trauma Toxicity

2017-04-10 (News)

Finally. One of Sweden's finest returns to the scene. Swedish dark electro/industrial duo Seven Trees are back. In the end of the 90's they quickly became one of the shooting stars of the scene with their album "Embracing The Unknown". After that things went quiet, but now they are back. "Trauma Toxicity" is 5 brand new tracks with dark, haunting, atmospheric and wonderful industrial.

Phonothek - Red Moon

2017-04-08 (News)

"Red Moon" is continuing the Phonothek's theme of the inevitable death of our planet.
A sad lonely trumpet echoes between ruined apartment complexes. The ground is dry and dusty, nothing grows here. Where once laughter of children lingered, now only the creak of broken swings remain. The earth is dying.
"Red Moon" explores a world in flames through use of atonal instrumentation and layered atmospherics. It brings the sound of the old world to life.

Written, Produced, Performed: Phonothek.
Contributing Musicians: Viola by Giorgi Cagareli, Trombone by Mamuka Beqauri, Trumpet/Horn/Bariton by George Shamanauri.
Cover Art: George Van De Kamp.
Digipak Artwork: Simon Heath.

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