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Monolog - Conveyor

2017-02-07 (News)

Mads Lindgren’s Monolog project is constantly changing, aiming for extremities and seeking them musically, technically and emotionally. Whether it is hammering the drums or creating soothing harmonies, these musical poles are given life by intense binding of contrasts. His album 'Conveyor’, sums up recent steps in a harder, more dense and direct form that is new and yet unheard to the Monolog alias. Brilliantly produced and carefully composed, the ten tracks offer dense, overwhelming walls of forging beats, thundering bass drones, majestic keyboard lines and well-integrated samples.

The Godfathers - A Big Bad Beautiful Noise

2017-02-06 (News)

Legendary British band The Godfathers returns with a triumphant bang! Known for the highly acclaimed & influential albums 'Birth School Work Death' & 'Hit By Hit' that have had critics & fans worldwide drooling over the band for decades, the new album fuses trademark primal rock & roll, super-melodic anthems, raw guitars & a gritty, lyrical attitude.

Alec Empire - Volt ost

2017-02-02 (News)

"Volt" is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name with Benno Führmann, the latest from director Tarek Ehlail ("Chaostage"), which depicts a dystopian future police state. Alec Empire, head of Atari Teenage Riot and the ideal artist when it comes to radical, dark electronic sounds.
Both movie and score are based on countless dualities such as day and night, group and individual, all of which Empire has put to leitmotifs. He took minimalistic approach similar to John Carpenter for "Escape from New York".
"I like subordinating to the mood and pace of a movie. There was no other way to blend this dynamic music between extremely low passages and loud eruptions into noise with the film scenes. Of course, this means working fast, because as soon as editing the movie is finished, everything else must be done in a rush." Alec Empire.

Electro Fear presents video to House on Haunted Hill

2017-01-30 (News)

Electro Fear decided to sweeten the waiting for their debut album, by posting a video for one of the singles.

Karsten Pflum - Sleep Concert

2017-01-29 (News)

Karsten’s approach to creating the album based on an event that took place on 1 april 2016, when artist and the library of Herlev invited a limited audience into nine hours of otherwordly ambient soundscapes in a darkened environment. It involved using a broad pallet of electronic equipment to create music dedicated to the borderlands between sleep and wakefulness.
Soon after the listener starts the nine hour sonic voyage, the sound of a magick box fades in. Whether the sound of the lullaby awakes a feeling of warmth and comfort or it creates horrific nightmares, is the first question for the brain to process.

Absurd Minds - Tempus Fugit

2017-01-28 (News)

Five albums and several other worldwide releases are the result of a creative phase that Tilo Ladwig and Stefan Grossmann started as a small homerecording project back in 1995 and which due to the cooperation with Francesco D'Angelo became one of the world's most successful electronic music projects.
Absurd Minds finally releases their long awaited sixth long-playing record "Tempus fugit", which is a striking comeback, and already one of the musical highlights 2017. They sound stronger than they ever did before!

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